Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brandon's 1st Birthday!

Brandon, you are 1 year old today! Right now, we're all counting down to the exact minute you were born 12 months ago. You made your wonderful debut at 10:47 AM. Your Mommy was in labor all night and worked really hard for your arrival. Your Daddy worked really hard too, he supported, conforted, loved and encouraged your Mommy the entire time. You had quite an audience waiting also. There were those of us that waited not so patiently at the hospital...we couldn't help it, we were so excited to meet you.... and your family that lives in other states/counties that were praying for you and kept in touch with us at the hospital. You had your very own fan club before you were even born! Your Mommy might not like that I'm posting this picture but it's one of the first moments caught on camera that she sees and holds you for the first time. I love this picture. You are so perfect and I love you very much. You have so many people that love're one lucky boy! I wish I could see you today on your actual birthday....I'm sad I won't get to. We'll see you Friday and then Saturday is your party....yeah! I'm thinking of you all day and in approximately 35 minutes, we'll all look at the clock and remember just how lucky we are that you were born.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fun at Grandpa and Grandma's house

Two weekends ago, I went to visit my Grandpa and Grandma. It was the first time I went to their house in Port Hueneme. Grandma and Grandpa were so excited and the minute I got there, Grandma and Grandpa rushed out to Mommy's car and picked me up. Then Grandpa took me on a tour of his garage. He showed me all his tools and told me one day he'll teach me how to use them. Grandpa showed me his Harley and I got to sit on the motorcyle with Grandpa. I had so much fun. My cuz Brandon and Aunt Cyndi were there too.....I had the best afternoon. My mommy said I did a really good on the drive and she was proud of me. I can't wait to see Grandma and Grandpa again. I love you.