Tuesday, December 22, 2009

14 months old!

Our little boy turned 14 months today!. Within the last week, he's starting to talk a lot more. Aidan continues to amaze us...he told me No at breakfast yesterday, he's not walking on his own yet but he's pushing his walker, the recycle trash can, the laundry basket....pretty much anything he can push and does so....very proudly! He has recovered well from his surgery a weeek ago. He can stand without holding on to anything. Grandma said today that he gave kisses. He really is the light of my life. He changes so rapidly that I truly try and enjoy each day. Yesterday, Aidan went with me and Grandma to the cemetery to pay our respect to Great-Grandma Kate and Great-Grandpa Carl. Then we went to Sals Mexican Restaurant in Oxnard which after 40+ years is closing. It's very sad....I grew up going there.

Daddy is in Nevada yet again. He should be home at night on the 23rd....miss you Daddy.

Brandon went and saw the doc today and is doing great. The neurologist said he is doing great and is the most perfect baby...ok well maybe he didn't say the latter, but it's my blog, my perfect nephew so I'll write whatever I want!

B.....you are perfect. You sure had us worried a year ago but hey, we are the adults, we can handle it. Our family sticks, more like super-glues together when times get rough.

This Christmas will be great because we have the greatest babies. B...can't wait to show you my elf hat and hide your Christmas presents in Grandma and Grampy's pantry!

I love you Aidan and Brandon.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today would have been my Grandma Kate's, Aidan's Great-Grandma's, birthday. We would always take her out to dinner on her birthday and Cyndi and I would count all the houses with Christmas lights as Mom drove us all. Grandma loved Mexican food (obviously it runs in the family), she would always order a chicken enchilada! She would ask the waiter what kind of beer they had, the waiter would go through the entire list but she would always order the same thing....a Bud! I miss her, I can't imagine how much Mom, Aunt Linda and Aunt Cathy must miss her. A lot of my fun memories from being a kid have Grandma Kate in them. She always had candy and cookies stashed in her cupboard and when Iwould go over to her house, she would give Cyndi and me the ice cream cups that come with a wooden stick! Sometimes I feel the older I get, the more I miss her and Grandma Selma. I wish Grandma Kate, Grandma Selma and Grandma Edna could have met Aidan and Brandon, I know how proud they would be of me and Cyndi, Mom, Jim, Dad, Lori, Tim and Eric. I know they are watching over us and keeping us all safe and healthy.

Monday, December 14, 2009

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Grandma's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Grandma! You're the best Grandma and I'm super lucky that you're my Grandma. Thank you for everything you do which is a whole lot! We had a busy day today at the Harvest Festival. I'm glad I got to spend your special day with you. Mommy said it's a very special day because you're so special. You rock Grandma! I love you so much!

Check out me and B on your birthday last year!