Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day with Daddy

Last Monday, 12/27/10, Daddy took me to the Santa Barbara Zoo. It was just me and my Daddy and it was so fun! What I love most about my Daddy is that he always plays with me. We saw a lot of animals, rode the train at the zoo, he fed me lunch, let me slide down the hill for a really long time, bought me a cool toy and took me across the street to let me play at the beach. My Daddy is the best ever and I love him so much.

Merry Christmas!

We started our Christmas celebrations on Thursday night with Grandma's soya chicken wings followed by house light hunting! We caravan with Aunt Cyndi, Uncle E and cousin B.....we found the Disney house which is really cool!

The next day on Christmas Eve, Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie, Uncle and B came over to my house and we opened presents, ate, played and had a really fun afternoon. After my nap, we headed over to Grandma and Grampy's house where we opened one present and then went to T.O. to visit family there. I got to stay up way past my bedtime but it was so much fun seeing all the family.
Christmas Day......I got a race car track, a doctor's kit and my first saw(Sawyer the Saw....whose's eyes move and makes funny sounds) from Santa! We drove over to Grandma/Grampy's to go through our stockings and open presents. I wasn't interested in opening the presents.....I just wanted to play. I got a lot of presents and they are all really awesome. It must have been overload for me because I got in temper tantrum mode so Mommy and Daddy took me home for a nap and then we went back over and played, opened our remaining presents, had the best ham dinner ever and played some more.
I am a very lucky boy and am very thankful for all my presents!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Aidan is at the two years and two months mark. Since last month, he has seven new words: blue, broom, boots, up, whoo whoo (for train), cheese and nea-ney (Grandma).
Grampy and Nea-Ney play with him everyday, teaching him patience when it comes to his train/train-tracks. Yesterday and again today, I got to see for myself how good he does recognizing animals and putting the animal pieces in the puzzle. Grampy works with him a lot at putting the puzzle together and Grandma is his cheerleader.

After about a 3-4 week break, Aidan once again likes to sit with me and Daddy as we read stories to him. His favorite book right now is one he got for his b-day "Little Spotted Cat". He also likes to sit in his own chair right next to the one we sit in and read that way. He becomes more and more independent. He knows to open the bottom kitchen cupboard, take out the step stool, shut the cupboard, arrange the step stool in the proper place and looks to us when he's ready to wash his hands before mealtime. He sees me cooking and he points at the stove and says "hot?" When we ask him questions, he nods his head yes (occasionally he'll say yes but right now, it's very infrequent) or say no which he says quite frequently!

He understands that he's not suppose to throw his toys so when he does get mad and throws a train or a car, we say, "we don't throw Aidan" and he responds by saying "ball?" As if to say, we only throw balls right!

The tantrums have decreased big time....making life much more fun! Just tonight while making dinner, Tim played one of our favorite songs, we looked up to see Aidan dancing. It was just one of those wonderful moments. Aidan brightens our day and makes us feel like two very lucky parents.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rainy Sunday At Home

We had the most awesome day today. Aidan, Tim and I stayed home the entire day which is extremely rare for us. We're always running around doing errands but today, all we did is play. We watched cartoons, made a fort out of blankets, watched the rain....a lot, made Christmas cookies and ended the night watching Polar Express. It was Aidan's first time making cookies and he was a big helper with the cookie cutters, although he was much more interested in the cookie roller and making a mess with the flour! Daddy made Aidan's name out of dough and it came out great....Daddy's so creative!

We put some Christmas lights in Aidan's room which he really likes. It rained, non-stop, all day and what a wonderful, cozy, Christmas-eeee way to spend a Sunday.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Remembering Great-Grandma Kate

On a very rainy Saturday, Aidan, Grandma and I went to Ventura to put flowers and a poinsettia on Great Grandma & Grandpa Neal's headstone. Yesterday would have been my Grandma/Aidan's Great-Grandma Kate's birthday. My Grandma loved the color red so every year on her birth day, we wear red. Some of the things my Grandma Kate loved were chocolate covered cherries, chicken enchiladas and bud light. She would always have the chocolate swirly ice cream cups with the wooden spoons and little debbie snacks when we went to her house. She'd always find pennies out in the street and make us pick them up. Whenever I find a penny in the parking lot, I think of her! I wish Aidan would have been able to meet Grandma Kate, same goes for Grandma Selma and Grandma Edna. Christmas time always makes me think of all three Grandma's.....we're so lucky to have them in our heart and in our memories.

It's important to us to tell Aidan about his amazing Great Grandma's and we do so in the little Christmas traditions we have. We have Grandma Edna's angel tree topper and lighted tree picture (that she made) and every year, we think of her and say a prayer when we decorate. Grandma Kate had little dalmatian dogs that she'd keep on her coffee table, Brandon and Aidan have them now. I don't have possessions of Grandma Selma's but I have the best memories of her, her generosity and her love. She loved purple, she loved jewelry, especially opals, she always smelled really good and gave the most amazing hugs. She was always so hip and cool and fun......and I thought that even when I was a teenager!

We will continue to do our best to tell Aidan all about his great-grandma's because they meant everything to us.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mommy and Me Day!

Aidan and I had the best day today. Aidan slept in like a champ until 8:20 this morning. We played cars, read a few books and got dressed. I took Aidan to breakfast for his first pancakes at a restaurant. He ate about 9 bites and then wanted my bacon....that's my boy! Since the weather was wet and yucky, we went to the Gull Wings Children's Museum in Oxnard rather than the SB Zoo as I had planned. Aidan had so much fun exploring. He was very well behaved and listened and participated with the sea creature exhibit where you get to touch star fish, jelly fish and other fun things. His favorite was the train exhibit. We played and explored for a little over two hours and then headed to McD's for some chicken nuggets.

After lunch, we headed home and I drove around so Aidan could get a good nap. We then went to the craft store to get supplies for our after dinner craft project that resulted in crying :-(
The crying only lasted as long as there was brown acrylic paint on A's one hand. He immediately returned to a happy child once the paint was gone and bath time had started. Somewhere in between our fun day and our craft project, we watched Dinasaur Train, ate an apple like a big boy and decorated a gingerbread man (thanks Grandma) with Daddy.

I wish I could spend many more days like today, just playing and loving every minute. Thanks Aidan for being the very best son. I love you.

Oxnard Parade of Lights

This past Saturday, we picked up Grandma and Grandpa and went to the Parade of Lights. There were so many boats, all covered with lights. We ate a picnic dinner by flashlight, had cookies and lollipops...I love lollipops! We really had a fun night. After the light show, we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house where I impressed them by actually brushing my own teeth! I stayed up way past my bedtime but it was so much fun. Daddy kept making a funny sound on the drive home which kept me awake and make me laugh so much!

Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

I'm almost a week behind but last Thursday Aidan went with Grandma and Grampy to get their Christmas tree! Aidan was a big helper. After work, Tim and I went over to Grandma/Grampy's to have dinner and help decorate the tree! Aidan helped decorate the tree and we all had a really fun time.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Happy Birthday Grandma! I'm so glad that you and Grampy came over today and thanks for letting me help you open your birthday presents. You spend almost all your time with me, watching me, taking care of me, playing with me, teaching me but most of all loving me. You are such a great Grandma and I love you so much!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why I’m Thankful

On any given day…..November 2010

* You won’t let me change your diaper
* You refuse to let me put a clean shirt on you in the morning
* You won’t sit on my lap patiently like you did three weeks ago while I read to you
* You tell me ‘NO” quite frequently
* You ask me to turn on Curious George or Dinasaur Train but won’t sit next to me
* Three minutes later, you want to sit by me
* Two minutes later, you no longer want to sit by me
* You put your hands on my face and in the sweetest voice say “Ma-Ma”
* Five minutes later, you’re off running down the hallway, not listening to my requests to go downstairs
* You get upset at the shoes I put on you, so I take them off and put on the shoes you want
* You get upset because you want to play with your red fire truck but I say it’s time to go bye- bye
* You fuss and fight getting in your car seat
* Two blocks from Grandparent’s house, I ask you to sing and you do
* Get to Grandparent’s house and you run in like usual only to get upset because the singing fish isn’t singing your favorite song
* You blow me a kiss and wave bye-bye as I leave Grandparent’s house to go to work
* 8 ½ hours later, you arrive home with Daddy, you hear my voice and come running as fast as you can to greet me with a hug
* You tell me you want taquitos for dinner but push it away in disgust when I put in front of you
* You fight getting in the bath, soak me and the floor once I’ve convinced you to get in the bath and get upset when I take you out of the bath
* You hug me so tight at bedtime and smile so big when I sing “Twinkle, Twinkle” or “You are my Sunshine”
* You give me that incredible smile of yours as I turn off the light and say good night.

This is a typical day in our house and I am thankful for each and every one. Without the ups, the downs, the tantrums, the cries, the hugs, I would never know what it feels like to be a Mom.

Until you’re a Mom, you DO NOT understand what the terrible twos really means

Until you’re a Mom to a toddler, you really don’t know what it means to negotiate

When you become a Mom, you understand what Moms before you meant when they say, love at first sight.

When you’re a Mom to a toddler, you no longer judge or make dirty faces at the Mom with the screaming kid in the grocery store

When you’re a Mom, you experience love that is unlike any other love in your life.

Being Aidan’s Mom is what makes me truly happy and it's the most important thing I will ever do in my life and for that, I am thankful.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Happy Birthday Grandpa! I can't wait to see you this Thanksgiving and give you a big birthday hug and kiss. I like it when you play with me, show me your tools, motorcycle and mustang that you're restoring. I love it when you get french fries from the Hoagie Hut and share lots of them with me. You and Grandma always have the best snacks at your house. You always smile and give me lots of kisses and that's what I love best about you Grandpa.

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Happy Birthday Grandma! I hope Grandpa took you somewhere really good to eat on your birthday.

I am so lucky to have you for my Grandma. I wish we lived closer so that I could give you a big kiss and hug.

I'll see you on web cam real soon. I love you lots.

Friday, November 5, 2010

2 Year Check-up!

Aidan went to see Dr. Pattan yesterday morning for his two year check-up. He weighs 26.5 pounds (30th percentile) and is 36 inches in height (90th percentile). He was given a flu shot, cried really hard of course when they gave him the shot but was perfectly fine five minutes later. He's tried three new foods...successfully just within the last two days...grapes, gummies and a bite of spinach. We totaled it up prior to the appointment with the doc and Aidan eats 31 foods and his vocabulary consists of 18 words. He's starting to babble a lot more, making many new vowel/consonant sounds and is trying really hard to get those new words out.

It seems like everyday he becomes more and more independent and with that, comes the tantrums when things don't go the way he wants. He's moving away from eating in his high-chair, making Grandma's job real fun!!!

He's changing, changing, sorry the blogs are delayed but I'm trying to focus on spending every moment I have with the little guy and attempt to get as much rest as possible so that I'm more equipped to handle the melt-downs!

Happy Halloween!

My Aunt Linda Rocks!

I love my Auntie Linda! She came and stayed with Grandma/Grampy for over a week and a half and helped take really good care of me. She played with me and put up with my tantrums. Her and Grandma took me everywhere with them....Daddy wasn't kidding, those ladies love to shop! But I loved going with them and think they are the coolest for taking me!
The day after my Auntie flew home to Redding, I ran in Grandma/Grampy's house and looked all over for Auntie! I really miss her. I hope she comes and visits soon.
I love you Auntie Linda!

My Birthday Party

On Friday, 10/22/10, the day before my party, my Auntie Cathy, Dawn-Dawn and cousins Dylan & Kammi drove from Redding to make it to my party. My Auntie Cyndi, Uncle E and B made their way through Friday night traffic just so they could help out Sat morning. My Grandma and Auntie Linda went to Costco to get the party food and cleaned and cooked in preparation for the weekend festivities.
Mommy, Daddy and I are so thankful to each of you and what you did to make my day really special.

My party started at 11:30 AM and lasted until about 3PM. Uncle Eric set up tents for us to play in. We had a "put the nose on Elmo" contest and a pinata. There were lots of my (and Elmo and Friend's) favorite treats, pizza, goldfish crackers, cheese, fruit and juice.

I am really lucky to have so many people that love me so much. Thank you to all my family and friends for helping me celebrate my second birthday!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

2 Years Old!

Yeah...I'm two years old today! My birthday festivities kicked off last night when I got to open my first b-day presents via web cam -Illinois with Grandma & Grandpa! They got me so many Dr. Suess books! Before I even woke up, Grandma Lori and Grandpa Don had already recorded my happy birthday song so Mommy played it for me before we left the house. When I woke up, Mommy sang Happy Birthday to me, read me a story and then let me open a present! Before we left the house, I got to hear a recorded singing of Happy B-day from Aunt Cyndi!

As I got to Grandma, Grampy's, Aunt Linda, Grandma opened the door to greet me by singing Happy B-day! Grampy and Aunt Linda sang to me a little while later also! YEAH!

At lunch-time, Mommy & Daddy showed up with a McDonalds Happy Meal! I got the most excited I've ever been! After lunch, we had a sugar cookie in the shape of a 2!

Grandma, Grampy and Aunt Linda played with me all day and then took me home where Mommy & Daddy were waiting for me, our place was decorated, we had dinner, opened presents, had cake and ice-cream....well....I just eat ice cream but I love it!

What a fun filled day turning 2! Mommy wishes I had not woke up with a cough and a runny nose but I guess I'll have to let the doc check me out tomorrow!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

My Aunt Linda flew to LAX to see me and Brandon. Aunt Cyndi, Uncle Eric and B picked her up from the airport today. Once they got to Simi Valley, we had lunch and went to Underwood Farm for a really fun day. After the farm, we went to Grandma/Grampy's house, we played and had lots of fun seeing our Auntie Linda!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Last day of September

We were running late for Gymboree today so the instructor left Aidan's name sticker on the counter where he could reach it. Normal routine is that the moms/dads put the name sticker on their kids backs. Today Aidan took his sticker and put it on his back himself. I couldn't believe he remembered a detail that might seem insignificant.

Last night while reading, I asked him "where are the curtains". I've never asked it before so I pointed to the curtains in the book. Then I pointed to the curtains in his room. Tonight, while reading the same book, I asked again "where are the curtains", he looked for a minute and then pointed to the curtains in the book and then to the curtains in his room. He's our little smart and constantly doing something to make me proud. Daddy will be home tonight and can't wait to hug you and play with you tomorrow. I love you Aidan.

Sunday Fun w/Grandma & Grandpa

Mommy and I spent this past Sunday playing with Grandma and Grandpa. Grandpa showed us his Mustang that he is re-building and Grandma had a really cool new car for me to play with. In fact, I couldn't let go of it so Grandma let me take it to lunch at Round Table. After having the best pizza in the world (Mommy's words), we walked down near the water and saw boats and fish! We went back to Grandma & Grandpa's house and played for a little while longer before heading home. Thanks for a fun day....I love you both!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

23 Months!

Aidan is a month away from turning the big 2! He is learning so many new things and so fast! Just today, Grandma and Aidan called me on speaker phone, Grandma said "Aidan, say hi to Mommy" and I hear the most adorable "hi". It's so fun to hear him say a new word, especially because he has the most adorable voice. Some of his other new words this month are rock, oh and me-me. When you ask him to sing he has his own little (very short) jingle. Daddy taught him how to do the chicken move and how to fart......boys!

We noticed Aidan getting impatient at stop lights so we started teaching him what the green, yellow and red lights are for. Any day now, I'm waiting for him to say "Ma-ma, green means go!" He observes everything and understands a lot. When Tim and I raise our voices or start to argue, Aidan makes the funniest sound and clenches his fist, as to say "stop". He loves playing at and with Grandma & Grampy. Grampy chases him around, Grandma takes him on Monday mornings to the library for tiny tots reading. Grandma also takes him to the park, the grocery store and other errands. He loves to go bye-bye and say bye-bye.

His new thing within the last two weeks is using a fork! He does well picking up cheese, apple, banana, strawberry, etc. Just a few days ago, he fed himself yogurt using a took 15 minutes and he probably got about 2 tbsp full but still good coordination and good fun for all of us.

He's had two timeouts so far in his 23 months. He does throw temper tantrums, throw toys, try to hit and all the fun stuff the toddler years bring but we keep on him and as exhausting as it may be, we'll stay firm with him.

He loves to read books and sit on our laps. He surprises us constantly at what he can pick out in a book. He loves crackers and we're not sure what would win....crackers or bye-bye but he says both words about 100 times each day!

Aidan has the best laugh and his funny sense of humor becomes more and more apparent.
After dinner tonight, he was pushing this duck toy and he was cracking up at the quacking sound and it's moments like this that Tim and I laugh and feel like the luckiest parents ever!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Relay for Life of Oxnard 9-11-10

Aidan attended his first Relay for Life today! We got up early and drove to Oxnard. We let balloons go during the opening ceremony, remembering Bernie.

Aidan had a blast running around, making lots of noise on the bleachers.....thanks so much Grampy for chasing me around! He gave all of mommy's friends "knuckles" and blew them kisses. He is quite the attention hog! Aidan fell asleep very quickly once we got on the road and at the moment is downstairs relaxing with Daddy, eating goldfish crackers and watching cartoons!

Once dinner, bath and Aidan's bedtime come to a close, this Mommy is going back with Grandma to walk during the night! Thanks Aidan for giving us a reason to smile at's such a sad event but then I see that smile of yours and I'm just so happy to be your ma-ma. Love you lots.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day

Today we went to Underwood Farm in Moorpark to pick some vegetables, see some animals and play! Mommy, Daddy and I had a lot of fun and then we had McDonald's for lunch! After my afternoon nap, Grandma & Grampy came over to play and for a BBQ. I had a lot of fun playing and making Grandma & Grampy laugh! Mommy and Daddy said they wish they had more Monday's like today!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday Fun-Day

Mommy, Auntie, Brandon and I went to Oxnard to play at Grandma & Grandpa's house. They have a huge bucket of toys so it was so fun to go through and play with all those toys. We drew with Grandma using chalk and made a big masterpiece in Grandpa's yard!!!!! Mommy said that Grandpa loves it when all the sidewalks are covered with chalk and to draw as much as we wanted, ha ha! We had lunch with Grandma and Grandpa and then headed over to the beach. We walked to the lighthouse and saw a big boat coming into the harbor. A Port Hueneme police officer stopped and gave me and Brandon a deputy sticker! Grandma & Grandpa love to have us over, they play with me and Brandon and I get tons of hugs and kisses from both of them. Grandma had so many snacks for us and they didn't seem to mind that we made such a big mess. I had the best time at Grandma & Grandpa's house....I can't wait to go back!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Me & Da-Da Day

I had a fun filled day with da-da today. We went to the Moorpark Zoo with Uncle and Brandon and then grabbed a slice of pizza. Daddy and I went home and played in the front in my pool and at my water table. Then it was story time, followed by nap time! After my hour nap, Daddy and I pigged out on cheesy puffs while watching some cartoons!

Then we went on a bike ride over to Grandma & Grampy's house where me met up with everyone! Brandon and I had fun running under Grampy's legs as well as eating his chips! Grandma, Auntie, Mommy, B and I went to the Plantation (soup that is but I only like it there because I get ice cream with the world's smallest cone!). Brandon and I ate dinner while playing, I mean dropping all of our cars on the ground. What a fun filled day!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Me & Mommy Day

I'm exhausted after Mommy and Me Day! We met the Simi Valley Mom's Club at the Oaks Mall this morning, we played and had lunch. Then Mommy and I mailed some packages at the post office. We went home for my hour and 15 min. nap and then we went to Trader Joes, Vons and Gymboree. I had quite the social day but best of all, Mommy didn't work today and we hung out all day. I didn't eat breakfast or dinner very well, but did great eating pizza and fruit at the mall! I threw a temper tantrum during bath or as I like to say it....bafff but like always, I bounced back and cuddled with Mommy and Daddy for a quick Dinasaur Train episode followed by story time with da-da. Yesterday I said rock for the first time! Night Night......

Monday, August 30, 2010

Time for an OUT!

Aidan had his first time out tonight. I finally understand what I use to think was the most annoying phrase "this hurts me more than it hurts you" bit. But now I does hurt. This Mommy needs a hug, heehee!

So the little man did great all day with Grandma & Grampy, did great for Daddy at the park (even with a flat bicycle tire, ha ha ha...but I digress!!!) but something happened around 6:10 PM, hungry? tired? idea but he threw a toy, we told him no and that it's not ok to throw, so what did he do....threw another toy! I kneeled down, sternly told him the same bit again and walked back in the kitchen to finish getting dinner ready. Next thing I know, he looks at me and hits me with the swinging gate and gives that mischievous (yeah I did it) look!

Sooooooo, we had our first time out which lasted all of 30 seconds. Yes, I said "we" had our first time out because it's a family affair, NOT a fun one though but which had to be done.

We ended the night with Tim reading and getting three (out-of-the-blue) hugs from Aidan followed by ten minutes of therapeutic cuddle time with Mommy!

Bye-Bye Weekend

Daddy got home from his week long trip on Friday afternoon and picked me up from Grandma's and then took me to the park. I was so happy that Daddy was home, sitting at the kitchen table, helping me get ready for bed and best of all, story time!

Sat morning Mommy took me to level 5 at Gymboree, it's the next level up (since I'm 22 months now). She wanted me to try it out....there were millions and millions of kids running around there. I really don't like it when other kids have to get so close and touch me....and why is it always the girls, they invade my space and it makes me all grouchy pants. I climbed on everything and was interested in JIMBO the puppet for the first time. I'm still not a fan of the parachute circle ride but I am interested in what's going on. I climb to the top of something and watch them. Mommy watches me...watching all the kids and adults. I played with a few little of the boys took my ball away, I looked at him and then and went and got another one. I also helped the instructor clean up when she asked us all to. After my first level 5 class, Mommy shared a jamba juice with me and we went and got Daddy and went to the park.

We had dinner with the Bunch's that night and I ate some garlic roll and was a very good boy in the restaurant.

On Sunday, I picked out what shoes I wanted to wear (my turquoise Chucks Auntie!) and got ready to leave to go to lunch. As we were backing out of the garage, Mommy & Daddy kissed and I gave them my most perfect smile and made them laugh. I ran around the water fountain waiting for those Bunch girls and then we had some pizza. I tried pepperoni for the first time and before Mommy could say no, I also tried cherry coke (Caitlan likes to share and help me). After impressing everyone with my mad pizza eating skills, we went to see some model trains at the Santa Susana train depot. Then Courtney, Scott, Daddy, Mommy and I got to play at the park! It was way past my nap time so Mommy gave me snacks on the drive home to keep me awake. I fell asleep in 20 seconds when we got home and when I woke up, it was time for more fun. Our neighbors came over with some very squeaky toy (actually Mommy said it's Ashling, a 3 month baby girl!) I almost made it through the entire day without a meltdown but showed our neighbors Lisa, Dan and squeaky baby what I can do when I'm upset. But then I bounced back and gave Lisa & Dan (but not squeaky baby) a hug before bed.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Unexpected Surprise!

I was doing my normal routine today at Grandma & Grampy's house when Auntie, Brandon, Heather and Kendyl showed up! Auntie just found out yesterday that she gets to teach fifth grade this year! So Heather & Kendyl drove their car to help Auntie pack up and take all her teaching supplies back to school. I got to play with Brandon and Kendyl and that was a lot of fun. We all went to Soup Plantation for dinner. I tried melon for the first time. Auntie tried to get me to try some veggie but I said no way jose...but I did eat some ice-cream that Grandma put in a miniature cone for me. It's fun having surprises, especially when it's the people you love to be around

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My First Motorcycle Show!

Grandpa and Grandma took me to my first motorcyle show! It was at the Camarillo Harley Shop and it was so fun! There were hundreds of motorcyles....I sat in my wagon for most of the time while we walked around admiring all the beautiful Harleys. A lot of people sure knew Grandpa....felt like we stopped constantly so Grandpa could talk to somebody else he knew! He was very proud to show me off, that's for sure. Mommy got to ride on Grandpa's motorcycle from the bike show to Bobby's Restaurant. I was in my carseat at a stop light when Grandpa and Mommy pulled up right beside us and Mommy waved at me and I had the biggest smile and waved back! Grandma and Grandpa bought me a quesadilla for lunch and I got to sit in a grown up chair! I had the best day getting to see my Grandma and Grandpa and experiencing my very first bike show!

22 months!

I played at the water park and then had a slice of cheese pizza with Mommy. After a busy morning, we went home and I took a short nap. Then we went grocery shopping and met up with Daddy and had some dinner. My new words this month are ouch, milk (sounds like calik), more and clock (I can also use my tongue to make the clock sound). I get in and out of my car seat as well as the car, on my own, very well. I still love crackers and ask for them constantly. I like to scream and have little jingles of my own that make everyone laugh......there's one that sounds like gobble gobble! I don't need help going up and down the stairs. I'm learning to be more independent and do little things on my own, like get in the bathtub, get my milk (and Mommy's diet coke) out of the frig! I don't know colors yet but I'm learning!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Grandma, I wish I could have spent your birthday with you. I know we were suppose to go to Disneyland together to celebrate your birthday but don't worry, we'll get to go another time! I want you to know that I think you are the best think of all the things I like. For instance, it was your idea to get zoo passes for me, ma-ma and da-da. At the zoo, you take me over to the petting farm and play hide and seek with me. You show me the fishies and made me cookies! You rock! I love you so much and can't wait to see you!