Friday, January 29, 2010

Fun Day with Mommy

<---------Serious like Daddy

<-----------Silly like Mommy

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Aidan's 15 months!

Aidan is 15 months old! He is so much fun! He's walking really he wore his Chucks (gracias Auntie) and did well trying to walk in them. Tim and I agree that we get so excited to see him in the evening and see all the new things he is doing. It seems like he is learning, learning, learning at an exponential rate. Obviously we are still in the awwww stage of watching him walk, it's just amazing. He tries to copy what we do and say. He knows where the bear is at on his high-chair and every time you say bear, he turns around. He loves to do this little dance of his when he hears music, he rocks side to side, he associates the opening of our garage door with Daddy so whenever he hears it, he says, I mean excitedly yells, DA-DA! He gives kisses and has learned to go in circles, (thanks Daddy and Grampy!). His face lights up every morning when he sees Grandma and Grampy. They do the best job ever watching him, playing with him and keeping him happy, healthy and safe. Aidan has moved on to a big boy car-seat! He loves to play peek-a-boo, play in his tent (thanks Grandma and Grandpa), push his Tonka truck into everything and when he gets exhausted from all that, he loves for us to hold him and read to him or listen to Teddy Ruxpin (thanks Aunt Linda!)

We visited Brandon last weekend and Aidan seems to learn a lot from Brandon. Aidan is also learning to grab toys back when B takes them and vice versa. It's so great to watch them learn and play. I'm glad they are so close in age. Brandon turned 20 months yesterday and to say all of us are impressed with his intelligence is an understatement. That boy is sooooo smart and innovative. When he wants to sit on the couch, he goes and finds something like a plastic bin, carries it over, positions in correctly and crawls up. You can read a book to him and ask where almost anything is and he'll point and let's say you ask "where's the doggy" he'll point to all the doggies on that page. So awesome and so lovable. It was such a moment watching B eat potato chips with Grampy. B would crawl down from the couch, go get a chip out of the bag near Grampy, crawl up on the couch and then sit there so angelically eating it! I miss him already. I'm the luckiest Mom/Aunt.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Aidan is WALKING! ! !

Check this out everyone!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Aidan Rocks!

Happpy 2010! Sorry I'm 10 days behind in 2010! It's an end to yet another great weekend. Aidan got his very first haircut yesterday.....he's so cute! Grandma and Grampy watched Aidan take about 10-12 steps this past Friday and then today, while Tim and I were at the movies, Aidan took 17 steps according to Grandma and Grampy. When we got there to pick him up, he again took a bunch of steps in a row! Life's been a little bumpy lately but then you see your adorable little boy learn to take steps on his own and somehow all of our daily struggles just go away. First it brought tears to my eyes that I missed him walking for the first time, then the tears came when I saw my little miracle baby learn to do something so important. It's moments like these that remind me how very, very lucky I am. Not only do I have the best son but I have the best family anyone could ask for.