Thursday, April 29, 2010

Aidan's 18 mo. Check-up

Aidan went to the pediatrician last Friday and weighs 23.11 pounds and is in the 25th percentile for weight. They didn't tell us his height because he wouldn't stay still hardly long enough to even weigh him but everyone concurs he's on the tall side like Daddy! He received his MMR and chicken pox vaccinations. We go back in about 3 weeks for some additonal vaccinations.

Dr. Pattan said to get him involved in more activities with kids so we went to our first Gymboree class on Tuesday. We had a lot of fun at the class. Aidan climbed on everything, didn't shy away from other kids and for the first class, did very well in mine and Grandma's opinion.

Aidan had a fun time at Brandon's house this past weekend. Kendyl and Brandon showed Aidan how to play and throw dirt. Aidan had a little temper tantrum while there....we pretty much experienced it all last week!

Aidan just started trying to put together multiple sounds like jibber jabber right now but it's very cute and makes us laugh. He said banana really well yesterday for Grandma and Grampy and this morning I heard it!

One week until Grandma and Grandpa get here!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

18 months old!

I'm 18 months old today! Mommy and Daddy were eating Ritz crackers as a snack before dinner and Mommy handed me one and I ate the entire thing! I then had a second cracker and after that got upset because there weren't any left in the bag....Daddy was eating the last one so my awesome Da-Da gave me half of the cracker and I ate that too!

I'm doing all kinds of things these days, including not taking naps and my eating habits are changing and I'm really stressing out my grandma and my parents when I don't eat good but back to the fun things I'm doing...(I know it's a run-on sentence but I'm 18 mo.....just be glad you can't hear me scream):

  • Go down the slide my myself
  • I get my shoes when I'm asked and lift my foot to help with shoes and socks
  • When asked, I understand to go put the basketball in the basket, I also put my sock monkey in the basket
  • I get my truck when asked and when Mommy moved my truck when she re-organized the living room, I understood it and made a big expression
  • I smile and laugh and mimic what others around me do
  • My favorite words are Da-Da and bye-bye and I repeat it over and over, I can also say bath, ball, hat, hot, no, ma-ma and I attempt banana
  • I walk over to my high chair when I'm ready to eat....just started doing this the last week
  • I love to climb on everything and have some bruisers to show for it
  • Mommy reads me books when I wake up, Daddy reads me books before bed, I sit on their lap and turn the pages and drink my milk
  • I'm starting to enjoy stacking my blocks, I color while in my highchair
  • I love watching Wonder Pet and Backyardigans with Grandma and Grampy
  • I still love my wagon, taking my daily walks with Grandma and going to the park
  • I can do somersaults with Daddy's help

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Busy Weekend

We took Aidan to get his hair cut Friday. It was his first time at a barber shop. As you'll see from the pictures, he was not happy about it.

Saturday, we went to Tim's favorite sushi restaurant where Aidan had fun playing with the chop-sticks! I had the most blissful moment at the least expected time/place. We were sitting at the sushi restaurant...Tim was eating his raw fish and Aidan was drinking his milk...they both simultaneously smiled at me....I thought to myself...this is what I've always wanted and am so glad to have a family of my own. Then it was off to Lowes so Daddy could show Aidan all the cool stuff there....boring! hee hee
After the second failed attempt at a nap Saturday, we went to the park and met up with Chyke, Shawna, Robert and friends. Aidan had a fun time watching the ducks, playing on the swing, going down the slides and just running around playing.

Sunday started out a little rough...Aidan was pretty cranky and to top it off, wouldn't take his normal morning nap. So we put the tired little fellow in the stroller, walked to Vons/Starbucks for some much needed caffeine and a few groceries! We stopped off at the park for a few and headed home for lunch. After an afternoon nap, we took Aidan hiking with us. He liked it at first...then not so much. No regrets trying it with him but wow, what a double workout to carry the little dude and or push the stroller uphill!! Aidan ate a midget piece of toast for the first time and spaghetti was attempted but of course turned into fun-messy times! The Bundy household is rather quiet tonight because Mommy and Daddy are just as worn out as Aidan!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Uncle Ron's Visit

Last week, I met my Uncle Ron from Michigan! Grandma and Grampy said that I went right over to him the first time I saw him! I'm really glad I got to see my Uncle and I had lots of fun showing him as well as Gigi, Uncle Bob and Aunt Gerry how I can crawl through my tunnel-tent that the Khalils gave me and Brandon. All those toys, particularly the tunnel and the trucks rock! Thanks Ali and Alex for giving us those toys!

The countdown has begun:
3 weeks until Grandma and Grandpa Bundy(and Molly)
3.5 weeks until Aunt Linda
4 weeks until Aunt Cathy, Dawn-Dawn and hopefully Kammi
4 weeks until Maw-Maw
11 weeks until Aunt Amy, Uncle Ky, Tiegan, Nya, Kross
11 weeks until Uncle Rick, Aunt Sara, Ronan
I can't's going to be a great summer!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Cyndi!

My Aunt Cyndi is the coolest! She's really fun and loves me so much. Check me out Auntie....I'm standing on the truck you gave me for Christmas! I hope you have a fun day and a really good birthday!

I love you!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Easter was so much fun this year. Saturday was spent playing with Grandma and Grandpa Baker at their house. It was so fun playing with the baseball set they got both boys, having lunch, playing with all the toys Grandma has for's so great, Grandma has a toy bin for when they come to play!

Sunday was a relaxing day. Grandma made the best Easter dinner, like always! The boys played with chalk, got up in a tree, ran around everywhere and played with their toys. It was nice to spend the weekend together!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April!

My sis was spot on when she said Aidan's at that age where you start to see big developmental changes.

We see a lot of tantrums...and poor Grandma and Grampy get to deal with the little guy all day. It's all about patience and perseverance these days! Sometimes, I think I say "no" about a ga-zillion times a day. With the tantrums and defiance though, come all the good stuff too! Aidan's new thing is going to the refrigerator when he wants his milk. He gets his cup out of the frig and will also put it back. He gives me bear hugs often which I just love. He likes to swing on Grandma's front porch swing and he loves going on the swing with Daddy at the park. It seems every time we take him to the park, he gets a little more adventurous. We measured his height today at 2 ft, 8 in. He was 2'7" on 1/31/10. We certainly have our hands full these days but we do love watching him learn and grow and we live to hear his adorable laugh.