Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Happy Birthday Grandpa! Mommy, Daddy and I sure miss you a lot! We miss playing at the park with you, watching you pitch horseshoes, going to the beach, enjoying an Erdinger (well Mommy and Daddy do) and just getting to see you. Hope your birthday dinner is good. Love you lots!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

21 months on the 21st!

You use to cry, whimper or make sounds to let us know when you were awake in the morning. At 21 months, you now put your feet through the crib slot and kick the wall….let’s just say that we hear you loud and clear! I walk in your room to be greeted with the biggest smile and it’s truly the perfect way to start any morning.
On the drive to Grandma/Grampy’s, I adjust my rear view mirror so that I can get a glimpse of you. You’re drinking your “big boy” sippy cup while observing everything around us as we drive. It seems like I blinked and you went from barely being able to keep your head sturdy in your car seat to this 2 foot, 9 ½ inches little boy. You’re top, two front teeth show a little bit when you smile and it’s so adorable.
You’re learning, growing and changing so fast. You’ve been going to Gymboree classes now for three months. It was at yesterday’s class that the instructor and another mom commented on how well you’re doing. On our way to the car, I said “Aidan, you did so well today, I’m so proud of you” and to my surprise you answered me back saying ‘tanks” I smiled and laughed in shock and then you laughed. You and I had a moment in the parking lot of the mall which was priceless. I use to say my prayers several times a day, asking God to let me be a mom, now I pray thanking (tanking) him for giving us the most perfect son. You like to make us all laugh by putting Grandma’s plastic bowl on your head and walking around. When any of us laugh, you laugh! You made this funny sound last week and Daddy and I laughed so hard and then Daddy said “Can you make your sound” and now that’s all we have to ask you and you make a funny sound. When you see Daddy and I hug, you always come over to us and want to be part of the hug. You love to bounce on Daddy, be thrown in the air, climb on your dino-rocker, play on the balcony (leave Mommy’s plants alone!!) and seem to be enjoying getting in the pool as of just recent.
You’re trying lots of new foods and are still learning the skill of chewing. You love to suck on a pickle, suck the juice out of the watermelon and of course love crackers (cacka as you say it). You love to go bye-bye and say it 100 times a day along with da-da. You started throwing your food off of your highchair a few weeks ago so we’re trying to teach you to NOT do it and you’ve begun hitting (other than just your own head) when you don’t get your way. So we’re working diligently to help you outgrow these challenging things!
We all can’t wait to see what you’ll learn and do next.
I love you.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

zoo-riffic weekend!

I went to the Santa Barbara Zoo today with Grandma, Grandpa, Mommy and Daddy. We saw all the animals, Grandma let me pet the pig, both Grandma and Grandpa chased after me, played with me, Grandpa pushed me in my stroller....we had a really fun day! Grandma and Grandpa bought me a book and a snake (I'm doing good at making the hssssssing sound). I loved getting to go to the zoo with them...what a zoo-riffic day! I was asleep within five minutes of being in the car! Thanks so much Grandma and Grandpa, I love you!

After our super duper long car ride home, we went swimming for a little bit. Grandma and Grampy stopped what they were doing and came over for a quick cool-down in the water. I loved the pool today! I had some din din, watched an episode of Backyardigans and knocked out for the night pretty fast!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Big Boy!

Today, instead of riding backwards, I rode in Mommy's car facing forwards! Mommy loved it! Tonight, I climbed on my rocking dino all by myself and climbed on and off (very gracefully) a few more times while watching Backyardigans.

I made a new funny noise that Mommy and Daddy were laughing at. When Daddy was reading me an animal book tonight, I made the hsssssss sound that a snake makes. Mommy and Daddy read me the Pumpkin book almost every night and just within the last week and a half, I mimic Daddy when counting the five pumpkins. I try to say two and I'm good at putting up two, sometimes three fingers when asked how old I'm going to be. My new words this past week are cacka (cracker), Mom and this? (I point and say this?...and somebody tells me what this is). I babble and Mommy seems to think I'm having a conversation with myself.....she tells me how cute and sweet I am wayyyyyy too much!

Tonight was the first time that while Mommy was holding me, rocking me goodnight, I pointed at the crib and said this? Mommy said crib, do you want to go to your crib? I said "no" and hugged Mommy for about another minute until I gestured two more times towards the crib. Mommy laid me in the crib, gave me my blanket, told me good job for being a big boy and cried a little as she walked away!

Weekend with Cousin Brandon

My cousin Brandon got to stay at Grandma and Grampy's house this past Friday through Sunday. On Friday, I got to have lunch with Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Aunt Cyndi, Aunt Gerry and Brandon. On Saturday, I got to play with Brandon and then Mommy and Grandma took both of us to the mall where we tried our first Jamba Juice-Strawberries Wild! While drinking our Jamba Jambas...we went and saw all the fishies! Then Grandma let us pick out whatever set of Matchbox cars we wanted at Target! Brandon kept saying "car" all day so he was very happy to have five more to add to his collection....although he kept wanting to take mine at dinner! Even though it was like 90 degrees outside, it rained a little on the way back to Grandma's house! Oh...and because Brandon is like the coolest cousin ever, I drank from his sippy cup and now I have my very own sippy cup and Daddy can stop complaining about my straw cup! With Aunt Cyndi as my Aunt, I will always sport the coolest shoes...check out mine and B's matching turqoise Converse! It was really fun hanging out with my cousin!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Family Visit

Aidan's Uncle Rick, Aunt Sarah and cousin Ronan from Oregon as well as Aunt Amy, Uncle Ky, cousins Tiegan, Nya and Kross from Illinois came to visit last week!

Day 1-Thursday, July 1st
We all walked to Toppers Pizza for lunch and then got in the pool when we got back. We all got to have spaghetti/lasagna dinner together at home and after I went to bed, the grown-ups (and Ronan) played some poker!

Day 2-Friday, July 2nd
Mommy, Daddy and the Reynolds Family woke me up at 6AM to get ready for Disneyland! We picked up Grandma and Grampy and headed to Anaheim. Aunt Cyndi and Brandon met us there! My very first ride was Snow White.....I was a little scared but didn't cry. I went on other rides too, It's a Small World, Peter Pan, Dumbo, the Carousel, Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Nemo and a few others! I tried a churro for the first time and Grandma and Grampy got me my first Mickey ears! I'm so lucky I got to have my first Disney experience with so much of my family!
My Uncle Rick, Aunt Sarah and Ronan had a really fun day riding roller coasters at Magic Mountain!

Day 3-Saturday, July 3rd
We had a beach birthday party for Nya in Oxnard. My Grandma and Grandpa went to the beach early and got us the most perfect tables. If it wasn't for them, we would not have had such an awesome place to have the party....thanks Grandma and Grandpa. Mommy says she is really upset she doesn't have very many pics of both of you. Grandma and Grandpa also helped Mommy carry all the sodas, water, food, coolers, chairs, etc. from her car! You both rock!

Day 4-Sunday, July 4th
Uncle Rick, with assistance from Uncle Ky, made me and my cousins french toast and the adults a Monte Carlo---no that's a car, a Monte Cristo...hmmmm anyways, everybody loved Uncle Rick's bfast. We went swimming, had a bbq, did some fun sand art with the beach sand we collected the day before, I ate tons of watermelon and had a great time with my family!
Daddy and the Reynolds Family went to Hollywood later in the afternoon and I got to spend some quality time with Aunt Sarah and Mommy. Uncle Rick and Ronan hung out and relaxed too!

Day 5- Monday, July 5th
The Reynolds family left for their vacation within a vacation-up to Sequoia National Park and San Simeon. The Martin family, me, Mommy and Daddy had lunch at In & Out and then headed to Venice Beach for a fun afternoon. On the way home, we stopped at Wienerschnitzel and man was my Uncle Rick happy. Aunt Sarah, Mommy and Daddy were happy too because that's all Uncle Rick kept talking about!

Day 6-Tuesday, July 6th
Uncle Rick, Aunt Sarah and Ronan left to go home but not before I gave them kisses goodbye. I loved getting to meet them, play with them and can't wait to see them again!

Day 7-Wednesday, July 7th
Aunt Amy, Uncle Ky, Tiegan, Nya and Kross had a jammed pack three days and made it back in time to have dinner at Red Robin! We took some fun pictures at the mall and saw the fish in the Koi Pond, then headed home where Tiegan and Nya helped give me a bath, dress me, brush my teeth and hair and then I got to sit and listen to Teddy Ruxpin with Kross, Nya and Tiegan. After I went to sleep, Mommy stayed up really late playing dress up with Tiegan and Nya! Mommy said it was the best time and she'll remember it always!

Day 8-Thursday, July 8th
I got to have breakfast with my cousins and then play with them before they headed home! I had so much playing with them and miss them!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Kailee's b-day Party

I went to a bithday party in Oxnard today with Mommy and Grandma. Mommy and Grandma use to live next door to the Corella Family. Erica Corella's little girl Kailee was turning 3 so we got to go play at the park and celebrate!

Pool Time with Daddy

Daddy took me to the pool at our condo. It was my first time in the pool with Daddy! I didn't really like it at first but then I got use to it and started having fun!

Happy Da-Da Day!

Father's Day Weekend was a lot of fun. We started the weekend by having lunch at Toppers followed by a train ride at the mall. Daddy and Uncle Eric played ping-pong while Grampy supervised. Brandon and Aidan chased after the ping pong balls.

On Father's Day, I got to spend the day with not only by Da-Da but Grandpa, Grampy and Uncle Eric. I love my Daddy and am super lucky to have three Grandpa's that love me very much.

Oh and Aidan ate bacon-bacon for the first time!