Monday, August 30, 2010

Time for an OUT!

Aidan had his first time out tonight. I finally understand what I use to think was the most annoying phrase "this hurts me more than it hurts you" bit. But now I does hurt. This Mommy needs a hug, heehee!

So the little man did great all day with Grandma & Grampy, did great for Daddy at the park (even with a flat bicycle tire, ha ha ha...but I digress!!!) but something happened around 6:10 PM, hungry? tired? idea but he threw a toy, we told him no and that it's not ok to throw, so what did he do....threw another toy! I kneeled down, sternly told him the same bit again and walked back in the kitchen to finish getting dinner ready. Next thing I know, he looks at me and hits me with the swinging gate and gives that mischievous (yeah I did it) look!

Sooooooo, we had our first time out which lasted all of 30 seconds. Yes, I said "we" had our first time out because it's a family affair, NOT a fun one though but which had to be done.

We ended the night with Tim reading and getting three (out-of-the-blue) hugs from Aidan followed by ten minutes of therapeutic cuddle time with Mommy!

Bye-Bye Weekend

Daddy got home from his week long trip on Friday afternoon and picked me up from Grandma's and then took me to the park. I was so happy that Daddy was home, sitting at the kitchen table, helping me get ready for bed and best of all, story time!

Sat morning Mommy took me to level 5 at Gymboree, it's the next level up (since I'm 22 months now). She wanted me to try it out....there were millions and millions of kids running around there. I really don't like it when other kids have to get so close and touch me....and why is it always the girls, they invade my space and it makes me all grouchy pants. I climbed on everything and was interested in JIMBO the puppet for the first time. I'm still not a fan of the parachute circle ride but I am interested in what's going on. I climb to the top of something and watch them. Mommy watches me...watching all the kids and adults. I played with a few little of the boys took my ball away, I looked at him and then and went and got another one. I also helped the instructor clean up when she asked us all to. After my first level 5 class, Mommy shared a jamba juice with me and we went and got Daddy and went to the park.

We had dinner with the Bunch's that night and I ate some garlic roll and was a very good boy in the restaurant.

On Sunday, I picked out what shoes I wanted to wear (my turquoise Chucks Auntie!) and got ready to leave to go to lunch. As we were backing out of the garage, Mommy & Daddy kissed and I gave them my most perfect smile and made them laugh. I ran around the water fountain waiting for those Bunch girls and then we had some pizza. I tried pepperoni for the first time and before Mommy could say no, I also tried cherry coke (Caitlan likes to share and help me). After impressing everyone with my mad pizza eating skills, we went to see some model trains at the Santa Susana train depot. Then Courtney, Scott, Daddy, Mommy and I got to play at the park! It was way past my nap time so Mommy gave me snacks on the drive home to keep me awake. I fell asleep in 20 seconds when we got home and when I woke up, it was time for more fun. Our neighbors came over with some very squeaky toy (actually Mommy said it's Ashling, a 3 month baby girl!) I almost made it through the entire day without a meltdown but showed our neighbors Lisa, Dan and squeaky baby what I can do when I'm upset. But then I bounced back and gave Lisa & Dan (but not squeaky baby) a hug before bed.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Unexpected Surprise!

I was doing my normal routine today at Grandma & Grampy's house when Auntie, Brandon, Heather and Kendyl showed up! Auntie just found out yesterday that she gets to teach fifth grade this year! So Heather & Kendyl drove their car to help Auntie pack up and take all her teaching supplies back to school. I got to play with Brandon and Kendyl and that was a lot of fun. We all went to Soup Plantation for dinner. I tried melon for the first time. Auntie tried to get me to try some veggie but I said no way jose...but I did eat some ice-cream that Grandma put in a miniature cone for me. It's fun having surprises, especially when it's the people you love to be around

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My First Motorcycle Show!

Grandpa and Grandma took me to my first motorcyle show! It was at the Camarillo Harley Shop and it was so fun! There were hundreds of motorcyles....I sat in my wagon for most of the time while we walked around admiring all the beautiful Harleys. A lot of people sure knew Grandpa....felt like we stopped constantly so Grandpa could talk to somebody else he knew! He was very proud to show me off, that's for sure. Mommy got to ride on Grandpa's motorcycle from the bike show to Bobby's Restaurant. I was in my carseat at a stop light when Grandpa and Mommy pulled up right beside us and Mommy waved at me and I had the biggest smile and waved back! Grandma and Grandpa bought me a quesadilla for lunch and I got to sit in a grown up chair! I had the best day getting to see my Grandma and Grandpa and experiencing my very first bike show!

22 months!

I played at the water park and then had a slice of cheese pizza with Mommy. After a busy morning, we went home and I took a short nap. Then we went grocery shopping and met up with Daddy and had some dinner. My new words this month are ouch, milk (sounds like calik), more and clock (I can also use my tongue to make the clock sound). I get in and out of my car seat as well as the car, on my own, very well. I still love crackers and ask for them constantly. I like to scream and have little jingles of my own that make everyone laugh......there's one that sounds like gobble gobble! I don't need help going up and down the stairs. I'm learning to be more independent and do little things on my own, like get in the bathtub, get my milk (and Mommy's diet coke) out of the frig! I don't know colors yet but I'm learning!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Grandma, I wish I could have spent your birthday with you. I know we were suppose to go to Disneyland together to celebrate your birthday but don't worry, we'll get to go another time! I want you to know that I think you are the best think of all the things I like. For instance, it was your idea to get zoo passes for me, ma-ma and da-da. At the zoo, you take me over to the petting farm and play hide and seek with me. You show me the fishies and made me cookies! You rock! I love you so much and can't wait to see you!

Sicky Days!

I've been a little sicky these days! Mommy stayed home with me last Tuesday because I wouldn't stop crying when she took me to Grandma's house and when we got in the car to go home, I threw up everywhere. It was my first time to throw up and I did NOT like it. I had to go see the doc that day and they flushed out my ears which I really did NOT like. Mommy got me some french fries from McD's on our way home and we watched Curious George and Dinosaur Train while eating french fries together! I woke up the next morning and was doing really good so Mommy and Daddy decided to keep their travel plans and go to Las Vegas for Uncle E's surprise party night. Even though Grandma wasn't feeling good, she and Grampy watched me Wed and Thurs night. As always, I had lots of fun with Grandma and Grampy. Thanks for watching me!

Over the weekend, I started to cough so we did not get to go to Uncle E's party. I'm sad because I really wanted to go! Mommy took me the doc again on Monday and stayed home with me. My cough is getting better and I have a lot more energy!
I weighed 25.4 pounds last Wed and 26 pounds this past Monday. It seems that I lost .6 pounds with all my yacking but gained it back eating delicious, yummy frenchy fries!

Happy 30th Uncle Eric!

My uncle Eric is the coolest!
He always plays with me and makes me laugh!
I love you Uncle and hope you had a really great birthday. I wish I wasn't sick so I could have went to your pirate party.....arghhhhhhh!
Love you Uncle E!

8-7-10 Pt. Mugu Air Show

(check out my handsome pose....Mommy says I'm the cutest ever!)

Mommy and Daddy took me to my first air show! We saw a lot of planes, they were very noisy but I only got scared once and even Mommy and Daddy got startled with the ThunderBirds doing their thing. It was really cool to see. I played on the Seabee equipment and one of the Seabees started the engine which was really cool! I sat in my stroller and shared some of Daddy's bbq chicken pizza and some of Mommy's cheese pizza. I was really good all day but got a little wild when those parents of mine had to change my diaper in an open field...I mean really, there were people watching for goodness sakes! We drove home along the coast and I slept a little bit but when I woke up, Daddy kept taking pics of me....must be that beautiful hair of mine!

7-29-10 Weekend with Brandon

Aunt Cyndi and Brandon came to visit for a few days. We had fun playing at the park, coloring with our new markers/coloring book that Aunt Cyndi got us, swimming in the pool and just getting to play together!

First Ice Cream-7/24/10

Mommy and Daddy took me for my first ice cream at McDonalds!

I tried a little but did not like it too much! I had fun though!