Tuesday, September 21, 2010

23 Months!

Aidan is a month away from turning the big 2! He is learning so many new things and so fast! Just today, Grandma and Aidan called me on speaker phone, Grandma said "Aidan, say hi to Mommy" and I hear the most adorable "hi". It's so fun to hear him say a new word, especially because he has the most adorable voice. Some of his other new words this month are rock, oh and me-me. When you ask him to sing he has his own little (very short) jingle. Daddy taught him how to do the chicken move and how to fart......boys!

We noticed Aidan getting impatient at stop lights so we started teaching him what the green, yellow and red lights are for. Any day now, I'm waiting for him to say "Ma-ma, green means go!" He observes everything and understands a lot. When Tim and I raise our voices or start to argue, Aidan makes the funniest sound and clenches his fist, as to say "stop". He loves playing at and with Grandma & Grampy. Grampy chases him around, Grandma takes him on Monday mornings to the library for tiny tots reading. Grandma also takes him to the park, the grocery store and other errands. He loves to go bye-bye and say bye-bye.

His new thing within the last two weeks is using a fork! He does well picking up cheese, apple, banana, strawberry, etc. Just a few days ago, he fed himself yogurt using a spoon.....it took 15 minutes and he probably got about 2 tbsp full but still good coordination and good fun for all of us.

He's had two timeouts so far in his 23 months. He does throw temper tantrums, throw toys, try to hit and all the fun stuff the toddler years bring but we keep on him and as exhausting as it may be, we'll stay firm with him.

He loves to read books and sit on our laps. He surprises us constantly at what he can pick out in a book. He loves crackers and we're not sure what would win....crackers or bye-bye but he says both words about 100 times each day!

Aidan has the best laugh and his funny sense of humor becomes more and more apparent.
After dinner tonight, he was pushing this duck toy and he was cracking up at the quacking sound and it's moments like this that Tim and I laugh and feel like the luckiest parents ever!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Relay for Life of Oxnard 9-11-10

Aidan attended his first Relay for Life today! We got up early and drove to Oxnard. We let balloons go during the opening ceremony, remembering Bernie.

Aidan had a blast running around, making lots of noise on the bleachers.....thanks so much Grampy for chasing me around! He gave all of mommy's friends "knuckles" and blew them kisses. He is quite the attention hog! Aidan fell asleep very quickly once we got on the road and at the moment is downstairs relaxing with Daddy, eating goldfish crackers and watching cartoons!

Once dinner, bath and Aidan's bedtime come to a close, this Mommy is going back with Grandma to walk during the night! Thanks Aidan for giving us a reason to smile at Relay....it's such a sad event but then I see that smile of yours and I'm just so happy to be your ma-ma. Love you lots.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day

Today we went to Underwood Farm in Moorpark to pick some vegetables, see some animals and play! Mommy, Daddy and I had a lot of fun and then we had McDonald's for lunch! After my afternoon nap, Grandma & Grampy came over to play and for a BBQ. I had a lot of fun playing and making Grandma & Grampy laugh! Mommy and Daddy said they wish they had more Monday's like today!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunday Fun-Day

Mommy, Auntie, Brandon and I went to Oxnard to play at Grandma & Grandpa's house. They have a huge bucket of toys so it was so fun to go through and play with all those toys. We drew with Grandma using chalk and made a big masterpiece in Grandpa's yard!!!!! Mommy said that Grandpa loves it when all the sidewalks are covered with chalk and to draw as much as we wanted, ha ha! We had lunch with Grandma and Grandpa and then headed over to the beach. We walked to the lighthouse and saw a big boat coming into the harbor. A Port Hueneme police officer stopped and gave me and Brandon a deputy sticker! Grandma & Grandpa love to have us over, they play with me and Brandon and I get tons of hugs and kisses from both of them. Grandma had so many snacks for us and they didn't seem to mind that we made such a big mess. I had the best time at Grandma & Grandpa's house....I can't wait to go back!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Me & Da-Da Day

I had a fun filled day with da-da today. We went to the Moorpark Zoo with Uncle and Brandon and then grabbed a slice of pizza. Daddy and I went home and played in the front in my pool and at my water table. Then it was story time, followed by nap time! After my hour nap, Daddy and I pigged out on cheesy puffs while watching some cartoons!

Then we went on a bike ride over to Grandma & Grampy's house where me met up with everyone! Brandon and I had fun running under Grampy's legs as well as eating his chips! Grandma, Auntie, Mommy, B and I went to the Plantation (soup that is but I only like it there because I get ice cream with the world's smallest cone!). Brandon and I ate dinner while playing, I mean dropping all of our cars on the ground. What a fun filled day!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Me & Mommy Day

I'm exhausted after Mommy and Me Day! We met the Simi Valley Mom's Club at the Oaks Mall this morning, we played and had lunch. Then Mommy and I mailed some packages at the post office. We went home for my hour and 15 min. nap and then we went to Trader Joes, Vons and Gymboree. I had quite the social day but best of all, Mommy didn't work today and we hung out all day. I didn't eat breakfast or dinner very well, but did great eating pizza and fruit at the mall! I threw a temper tantrum during bath or as I like to say it....bafff but like always, I bounced back and cuddled with Mommy and Daddy for a quick Dinasaur Train episode followed by story time with da-da. Yesterday I said rock for the first time! Night Night......