Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day with Daddy

Last Monday, 12/27/10, Daddy took me to the Santa Barbara Zoo. It was just me and my Daddy and it was so fun! What I love most about my Daddy is that he always plays with me. We saw a lot of animals, rode the train at the zoo, he fed me lunch, let me slide down the hill for a really long time, bought me a cool toy and took me across the street to let me play at the beach. My Daddy is the best ever and I love him so much.

Merry Christmas!

We started our Christmas celebrations on Thursday night with Grandma's soya chicken wings followed by house light hunting! We caravan with Aunt Cyndi, Uncle E and cousin B.....we found the Disney house which is really cool!

The next day on Christmas Eve, Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie, Uncle and B came over to my house and we opened presents, ate, played and had a really fun afternoon. After my nap, we headed over to Grandma and Grampy's house where we opened one present and then went to T.O. to visit family there. I got to stay up way past my bedtime but it was so much fun seeing all the family.
Christmas Day......I got a race car track, a doctor's kit and my first saw(Sawyer the Saw....whose's eyes move and makes funny sounds) from Santa! We drove over to Grandma/Grampy's to go through our stockings and open presents. I wasn't interested in opening the presents.....I just wanted to play. I got a lot of presents and they are all really awesome. It must have been overload for me because I got in temper tantrum mode so Mommy and Daddy took me home for a nap and then we went back over and played, opened our remaining presents, had the best ham dinner ever and played some more.
I am a very lucky boy and am very thankful for all my presents!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Aidan is at the two years and two months mark. Since last month, he has seven new words: blue, broom, boots, up, whoo whoo (for train), cheese and nea-ney (Grandma).
Grampy and Nea-Ney play with him everyday, teaching him patience when it comes to his train/train-tracks. Yesterday and again today, I got to see for myself how good he does recognizing animals and putting the animal pieces in the puzzle. Grampy works with him a lot at putting the puzzle together and Grandma is his cheerleader.

After about a 3-4 week break, Aidan once again likes to sit with me and Daddy as we read stories to him. His favorite book right now is one he got for his b-day "Little Spotted Cat". He also likes to sit in his own chair right next to the one we sit in and read that way. He becomes more and more independent. He knows to open the bottom kitchen cupboard, take out the step stool, shut the cupboard, arrange the step stool in the proper place and looks to us when he's ready to wash his hands before mealtime. He sees me cooking and he points at the stove and says "hot?" When we ask him questions, he nods his head yes (occasionally he'll say yes but right now, it's very infrequent) or say no which he says quite frequently!

He understands that he's not suppose to throw his toys so when he does get mad and throws a train or a car, we say, "we don't throw Aidan" and he responds by saying "ball?" As if to say, we only throw balls right!

The tantrums have decreased big time....making life much more fun! Just tonight while making dinner, Tim played one of our favorite songs, we looked up to see Aidan dancing. It was just one of those wonderful moments. Aidan brightens our day and makes us feel like two very lucky parents.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rainy Sunday At Home

We had the most awesome day today. Aidan, Tim and I stayed home the entire day which is extremely rare for us. We're always running around doing errands but today, all we did is play. We watched cartoons, made a fort out of blankets, watched the rain....a lot, made Christmas cookies and ended the night watching Polar Express. It was Aidan's first time making cookies and he was a big helper with the cookie cutters, although he was much more interested in the cookie roller and making a mess with the flour! Daddy made Aidan's name out of dough and it came out great....Daddy's so creative!

We put some Christmas lights in Aidan's room which he really likes. It rained, non-stop, all day and what a wonderful, cozy, Christmas-eeee way to spend a Sunday.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Remembering Great-Grandma Kate

On a very rainy Saturday, Aidan, Grandma and I went to Ventura to put flowers and a poinsettia on Great Grandma & Grandpa Neal's headstone. Yesterday would have been my Grandma/Aidan's Great-Grandma Kate's birthday. My Grandma loved the color red so every year on her birth day, we wear red. Some of the things my Grandma Kate loved were chocolate covered cherries, chicken enchiladas and bud light. She would always have the chocolate swirly ice cream cups with the wooden spoons and little debbie snacks when we went to her house. She'd always find pennies out in the street and make us pick them up. Whenever I find a penny in the parking lot, I think of her! I wish Aidan would have been able to meet Grandma Kate, same goes for Grandma Selma and Grandma Edna. Christmas time always makes me think of all three Grandma's.....we're so lucky to have them in our heart and in our memories.

It's important to us to tell Aidan about his amazing Great Grandma's and we do so in the little Christmas traditions we have. We have Grandma Edna's angel tree topper and lighted tree picture (that she made) and every year, we think of her and say a prayer when we decorate. Grandma Kate had little dalmatian dogs that she'd keep on her coffee table, Brandon and Aidan have them now. I don't have possessions of Grandma Selma's but I have the best memories of her, her generosity and her love. She loved purple, she loved jewelry, especially opals, she always smelled really good and gave the most amazing hugs. She was always so hip and cool and fun......and I thought that even when I was a teenager!

We will continue to do our best to tell Aidan all about his great-grandma's because they meant everything to us.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mommy and Me Day!

Aidan and I had the best day today. Aidan slept in like a champ until 8:20 this morning. We played cars, read a few books and got dressed. I took Aidan to breakfast for his first pancakes at a restaurant. He ate about 9 bites and then wanted my bacon....that's my boy! Since the weather was wet and yucky, we went to the Gull Wings Children's Museum in Oxnard rather than the SB Zoo as I had planned. Aidan had so much fun exploring. He was very well behaved and listened and participated with the sea creature exhibit where you get to touch star fish, jelly fish and other fun things. His favorite was the train exhibit. We played and explored for a little over two hours and then headed to McD's for some chicken nuggets.

After lunch, we headed home and I drove around so Aidan could get a good nap. We then went to the craft store to get supplies for our after dinner craft project that resulted in crying :-(
The crying only lasted as long as there was brown acrylic paint on A's one hand. He immediately returned to a happy child once the paint was gone and bath time had started. Somewhere in between our fun day and our craft project, we watched Dinasaur Train, ate an apple like a big boy and decorated a gingerbread man (thanks Grandma) with Daddy.

I wish I could spend many more days like today, just playing and loving every minute. Thanks Aidan for being the very best son. I love you.

Oxnard Parade of Lights

This past Saturday, we picked up Grandma and Grandpa and went to the Parade of Lights. There were so many boats, all covered with lights. We ate a picnic dinner by flashlight, had cookies and lollipops...I love lollipops! We really had a fun night. After the light show, we went to Grandma and Grandpa's house where I impressed them by actually brushing my own teeth! I stayed up way past my bedtime but it was so much fun. Daddy kept making a funny sound on the drive home which kept me awake and make me laugh so much!

Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

I'm almost a week behind but last Thursday Aidan went with Grandma and Grampy to get their Christmas tree! Aidan was a big helper. After work, Tim and I went over to Grandma/Grampy's to have dinner and help decorate the tree! Aidan helped decorate the tree and we all had a really fun time.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Happy Birthday Grandma! I'm so glad that you and Grampy came over today and thanks for letting me help you open your birthday presents. You spend almost all your time with me, watching me, taking care of me, playing with me, teaching me but most of all loving me. You are such a great Grandma and I love you so much!