Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Grampy!

My Grampy is so cool! He always plays with me and Brandon and makes us both really happy. Grampy's birthday wish was to spend his b-day with me and Brandon so he went to Buena Park on Wednesday night and picked up Brandon. Brandon and I played all day on Thursday and Friday. That's how much my Grampy loves us.

Today is his birthday and he took me with him to Costco. He loves taking me places and I heard him tell Mommy that I'm his best Costco shopping partner and that I'm the only one that "gets him"!
I'm really lucky that I get to spend five days a week with him. Just this week, he took me to the duck park, grocery shopping at Trader Joes and to do a few other errands....yep....just me and my Grampy! I sure love my Grampy and I hope he had a really fun birthday. Although....the fun isn't over yet......we have to celebrate tomorrow also with all the family!