Tuesday, March 22, 2011

House, Cynci, B, Uncle, Hot Dog

I told Aidan Friday evening that tomorrow morning we are going to see Aunt Cyndi, Uncle Eric and Brandon and boy was he excited. Saturday morning when I walked in his room, he said, "house?, Cynci, B, uncle, hot dog?" He not only remembered from the night before but he's stringing his thoughts together. Obviously, we are all very impressed. Aidan and I drove to Buena Park and every time we saw a freeway overpass, Aidan would say time tunnel and I'd sing the jingle from Dinosaur Train. We sang most of the way to Aunt Cyndi's! For lunch, Brandon and Aidan had a hot dog, grapes, carrots, Frito's and a lollipop. Uncle Eric and I took both boys to the park and had a really great time. When we got back, Brandon took a nap in his room and Aidan laid on B's little couch and "rested". Uncle Eric and Aunt Cyndi laid on the floor next to Aidan while he "rested". The rest (ha ha ha) of the evening was a lot of fun and after both boys soaked me during their bath, Aidan and I headed home. Aidan fell asleep within five minutes of us being on the road. Aidan and I had a fun time playing with Brandon.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I put new shoes on Aidan this morning and he asked 'this"? so I said, new shoes! to which Aidan replied "new". We made up a funny song on the drive this am and Aidan kept trying to say new shoes.

Other new words just this week (so many that Grandma sends cute notes home listing his new words of the day):


Yesterday was the best ever at Gymboree. The 45 minute class zoomed by which isn't to say it was miserable before, just a lot more work (and tears) for Mommy and Aidan (in that order!). Aidan listened to Mommy and participated in all the activities and liked it which is just as important. There was a brief moment of back-talk but two minutes sidelined and he was happy to be back playing.

Everyday is exciting to hear what words or phrases he'll say next. He is so much fun to be around.
I love my handsome irish boy.

Three Day Weekend w/my cousin

My Grampy went and picked up Brandon and brought him to Ma-Mo & Grampy's house on Friday. Brandon and I got our own happy meal for dinner on Friday! B was at a b-day party on Saturday and Mommy was busy with taxes and other things so I spent the day with Daddy which was a lot of fun. I got to see Uncle, Auntie on Saturday night and we played and had fun Sat night and Sunday.

My Ma-Mo is the best, she took us to the park and played in the dirt with us! She's the best! My uncle was spinning me around in my car and I was having the best time....so much so that I did not want to go inside but Uncle thinks of the most fun things.....we went to the top of the stairs and let all the balls fall down the stairs! It was really fun!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February...gone gone gone

February seemed to fly by and I only managed to post one other entry. Other than a runny rose, Aidan managed to avoid getting sick, despite his Daddy having a nasty cold this month. At the beginning of Feb (for Grampy’s b-day), we got to spend four days with Brandon which was a lot of fun. This month was filled with lots of fun things…..SuperBowl XLV, Valentine’s Day and the 53rd running of the Daytona 500.

Aidan has his own name for Grandma which is Ma-Mo and his days are filled with entertaining and playing with Ma-Mo and Grampy. Grandma still takes Aidan to the library every Monday morning and both Grampy and Ma-Mo take him with them to do their shopping. He spends a lot of time at the park with Daddy and plays at Gymboree usually twice a week with Mommy. Aidan is able to put together two & three word phrases and continues to learn new words. My favorite word being said yesterday for the first time, MALL! Yippee….and that came the same day that he stopped to watch the Nascar re-cap on the news! His favorite songs this month are ba ba black sheep and it’s raining, it’s pouring. Aidan sings as well, it’s very brief but it’s so sweet.

Adding new foods to his diet is not easy and Ma-Mo keeps pluggin away trying. He tried a bagel, scrambled egg and stuffing just this past week. Although, not without coaxing….oh alright…it’s bribery but at least he’s trying some new foods. He loves playing with Grampy and Grandma’s IPAD as well as our IPhones, it’s amazing how quickly he has learned to use them. We visit Grandma and Grandpa in Oxnard at least once a month. We just saw them this past Sunday and Grandpa prepares for Aidan’s visit by putting A’s toy motorcycle on Dad’s motorcycle hoist. It’s really awesome! Aidan really enjoys playing with Grandma and finding a new toy in Grandma’s toybox. He also loves the cookies and french fries he gets when we visit!

As for our toddler, he has his worse meltdowns and temper tantrums with Mommy and Daddy. Grandma and Grampy must think we make up stuff because apparently he is an angel 24/7 at their house! Well for us, he has the big tantrums but they’re not every day and when he doesn’t get his way, he’ll fuss for a few minutes and then the whining stops and we move on. Aidan is a good boy and for the most part, is cooperative as long as we remain patient and explain things to him.

Before we leave to go anywhere, Aidan finds a toy and takes it with him and that’s something completely new. He makes us all laugh and has a funny sense of humor; he runs really fast and loves to fly down Grandma & Grampy’s hallway pushing a toy. He still loves his trains and is slowly not as interested in watching Dinosaur Train. He’s changing fast but one thing that remains constant…his amazing smile and hugs….which can make any day an even better day.