Friday, April 29, 2011

Last days of April

Aidan seems to be doing or saying something new each day and this week was pretty amazing. Prior to this week, everything to Aidan was the color “blue”. He knows his colors, like when you ask him to hand you the green crayon or the yellow car but when you ask him, what color is the stop light, what color is your cup, etc…..answer was always….blue! This week, he not only said the words orange and yellow for the first time but he tells you if an object is blue, green, orange, red, yellow or purple. We’re working on colors like pink, white, black, tan. Grandma and I have tried to keep track of the new words but at this point, he’s repeating everything. He’s not timid to try and say a word. Just tonight, we were reading Pierre the Penguin (thanks Grandma & Papa….it’s an awesome book), Aidan said animal, nest, rock and attempted penguin. He is amazing and tries so hard to repeat everything. After Gymboree on Wed, I was telling Daddy a story about a kid in Aidan’s class that wouldn’t stop crying and I realized that Aidan was listening to me talk to Tim and chimed in as to the sound that the kid was making.
His new thing this week is taking his blanket to Grandma/Grampy’s house. As soon as he walks in the door, he no longer runs to his train track, he gives Grandma a kiss and then lays down on the couch and calls for Grandma to cover him up with his blanket. He then says “bye Mama”! Like ummmmm, leave me and Mamo/Grampy to our routine!

Every night this week, after dinner, we go in the front patio and play with the bubbles that Heather got Aidan. Aidan has decided that he now loves bubbles or just loves when Daddy and Mommy play with him. We then go inside and Aidan gets all comfortable on his little couch, snuggled up with his blanket, eating grapes, crackers, etc. and we watch Jake the Pirate which apparently has replaced Dinosaur Train! We jam as much as possible into the three hours before bedtime!

With all the great, of course comes the not so great. He is being extremely difficult at bath time, brushing the teeth and getting pjs on. He loves the “bubble bath” UNTIL, he has to be washed and then he says “out mommy”. He use to lay in the bath and let me rinse his hair or look up at the ceiling, this week, absolute refusal to do either. Then comes brushing the teeth which, despite all our singing…”this is the way we brush our teeth”, he WILL NOT BRUSH! So we make him go to his room, he cries and throws a fit, won’t be still to put a diaper on, tries to glue his mouth shut so we cannot brush his teeth for him, but once we power through and get the job done, he’s back to all cute-zy, playing with his cars, creating speed bumps with the rug! We just look at each other, take a really deep breath and enjoy playing cars with him until story time! Tim and I each have our own “favorite car” and Aidan finds it his case and hands it to each of us. The stress from bathtime quickly dissipates and you wish you could just play cars and be in that moment forever.

Riding my bike


Easter weekend was a lot of fun. Saturday we went to see Grandma and Papa in Oxnard, we had lunch, played on our motorcyles, played with all the toys Grandma has for us at her house and then went and played at the beach before heading home. Aidan was super tired and was asleep within minutes. I love going to see Grandma and Papa and on the drive, Mommy and I made up a song about driving there and I am getting good at singing. We got a lot of really cool goodies from Grandma and Papa.....they are the coolest and I just wish I got to see them more often.

Easter morning, I slept in until almost 8AM, Mommy, Daddy and I got dressed and went downstairs to see what the Easter bunny brought me. I was really excited to see new cars! We went to Mamo and Grampy's house for breakfast and had the best day there. We had two easter egg hunts. Brandon is really good at finding eggs, not to mention super fast. So....a lot of pics that Mommy was trying to take of B finding eggs, turned out blurry....he's just really fast! The weather was a little wet and yucky in the morning so we did our egg hunts inside and then after our great Easter dinner that Grandma made, we got to play outside and throw the confetti eggs!

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

2 1/2 Years Old!

Yesterday Aidan hit the 2.5 year mark. His vocabulary gets more extensive each and every day. He recognizes and is able to verbalize a lot of the things going on around him. When we drive to Ma-Mo and Pa-Pi's house, Aidan says "up" since we're driving up a hill. He noticed two police cars this morning and said "police car" and when I asked him how many, he said "two". He loves playing on Ma-Mo's IPAD, although he believes it's his IPAD and asks to play with it while at home. His favorite things right now are playing at the "New Park", running and jumping on all the pillows at Grandparent's house, loves to say "NO" and says it a zillion times a day. He cannot wait to go to grandparent's house everyday. He asks for B every single day as well. He loves tootsie-roll lollipops, apples, juice and hot dogs. He is quite the little bossy pants, always saying, "Go Mommy" Within the last week, he started liking bubble baths and skipping. He's going through a spitting stage which is just as challenging as the yelling stage is.

He cracks up at Grampy's wrinkles and now he points to mine and Daddy's wrinkles and says "Inkles" He notices when I have a zit on my chin and points and asks "This?" Amusing! He still loves his trains and never leaves the house without taking one, three, five toys with us as we head to Grandparent's house each morning.

He is just as cute as he is stubborn. Just tonight after dinner, he was watching "Jake the Pirate" with Daddy, he got up, went upstairs and quickly came back down carrying his blanket! Daddy tucked him in all nicely on Aidan's sleeper chair and Aidan relaxes and puts his hands behind his head....just the way Daddy does. Aidan mimics everything....if I cough, Aidan coughs. If Grampy flicks a gold coin in the air, Aidan tried to as well. Daddy was tossing a matchbox car up in the air last night, Aidan saw and then threw the car, however, he did not catch it!

New Words since last post:
ellow (yellow)
bump (for speed bump)
Omas (for Thomas)
night night daddy
move Ma-mo, move Mommy,
go daddy, go mommy
two blues
two omas'
yes Mommy
bubble bath
B's house
Aidan's house

He'll talk the entire ride...wherever we go....and I love it! Every time he sees a freeway overpass or bridge, he says "time tunnel" and he expects me to do the "time tunnel, time tunnel approaching" from Dinosaur Train. Of course I do...I love making him smile and will make up the weirdest songs just to get a smile or an "again Mommy"

Pics from Thomas the Train

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thomas the Train!

This past weekend I got to hang out with Brandon from Thursday until our big Thomas the Train day on Sunday. Brandon and I played all day...Thurs, Fri and Sat! We shared happy meals, baths, laughter, cries and sunblock. I love my cousin. Grandma and Grampy took care of us both and we're really lucky for that.

Saturday, we had a yard sale at Grandma/Grampy's house with Aunt Cyndi and Uncle Eric. It was a super hot day so we didn't get to play outside as much as I think Mommy had intended. We did get to go to the park after naptime which was a lot of fun. Just me, Brandon, Auntie, Uncle and Mommy. Grandma cooked and played with us all day and then after dinner, we got to dye Easter eggs!

On Sunday, we all went to Fillmore to see and ride Thomas the Train! I loved it! The train was really crowded so I didn't get to sit with Brandon but I sat with Daddy and Mommy and loved every 25 minutes of that train ride. We ate some lunch afterwards and then everyone headed home!

Check out Aidan laughing

Feeling gloom????? You won't after watching this video!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Renovation Weekend

Daddy is renovating our downstairs bathroom so Mommy and I spent most of our weekend away from the house. On Saturday, Mommy and I went to the Santa Barbara Zoo and we had a lot of fun. I said "my lunch" and "Aidan's lunch". My favorite part of the zoo is riding the blue train! Mommy and I stopped at the beach on our way home but it was really windy and I was really tired. We stopped in Ventura to buy flowers and stopped at the cemetery and then headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house in Oxnard. Grandpa showed me around his garage and Grandma played cars/trucks with me as well as made me laugh so hard (video hopefully to come soon). We ate Grandma's homemade pizza and then headed home just in time for bath/bedtime. Today we spent a lot of time playing at the park. While at the park I walked up and introduced myself to three boys, at least twice my age and said "hi" "Aidan" After trip 1 to the park, I went to Grandma & Grampy's house for lunch. Then Grandma went with Mommy and me to see the Easter Bunny at the mall. Unlike last year, I did not cry but I really had no interest in sitting with the Easter Bunny. Although, I did pretend to share my milk with him on our way out! Grandma, Mommy and me stopped at another park on the way home and had some more fun playing. After a long, hard day's work, Daddy surprised me and popped on over to Grandma/Grampy's house for dinner.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Today is Cyndi's birthday

Happy Birthday Aunt Cyndi! Mommy heard your b-day song tonight....thus the title of the blog. Sorry to make this quick but all I really need to say is that I adore my Aunt Cyn-ci ('s how I pronounce it!!!!) and ask to go to Cyn-ci's house everyday...multiple times. I'm really lucky to have you as my Auntie because you really are the coolest! I love you lots!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Mommy

I walked in Aidan's room this morning and he said "Happy Mommy". This boy of ours continues to amaze us all with his new words/phrases and ability to remember things. We told him that Daddy hurt his back and he'll point to his back and say "Daddy boo-boo". He gives kisses on the cheek which is just the absolute best. Honestly, a kiss from him, his smile and Happy Mommy is the best present to me. I am so lucky to be a mom, I know I say it redundantly but I see Aidan's little face light up or he'll hug me or within the last couple of days, kiss me on the cheek and I just can't help but to be so thankful that he's my little boy. My birthdays are so much more complete now that's he's in our lives. For many years before having Aidan, I would blow out my birthday candles wishing, praying, hoping to be a Mom. Now that I am, I try, not just on special occasions, but everyday.....even through the yelling, tempers, etc. to remind myself that I am truly lucky. Grandma sends home daily notes with all of Aidan's new words. I save them all so here goes:

  • All right

  • Apple juice

  • Pie

  • Bite

  • Oatmeal

  • Chip

  • My my

  • Aidan

  • Whoa

  • Move (His favorite)

  • Train (up 'till now, it's just been choo choo)

  • Coco

  • Ruff Ruff

  • Excuse Me

I know there are so many more that I'm missing. He tries to repeat almost anything you ask him to. I know I'm his Mom but he's brilliant!

Just yesterday when Grandma and Grampy were getting him up from his nap and leaving the room, he says "bye bye bed". He seriously starts cracking up at Grampy's (forehead) wrinkles. Tim blows bubbles in the bath-tub and Aidan is hysterical. He just finds so many things funny.

When he doesn't like being disciplined at home, he says in the most pathetic soft spoken tone, Ma-Mo, Pa-Pi)......thus meaning he wants to go back to Grandma/Grampy's house! Like I said, the kid is brilliant.