Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Videos from B's party

Monday, May 23, 2011

Brandon's Birthday Party

Brandon's birthday party was so much fun. It was at Heritage Park which is the coolest park that we have ever been to. Aidan had the best time. There were so many fun things to do, so many wonderful people to see and hang out with. Cyndi, Eric and Brandon truly have the best friends and collectively we all have the best family! It's just so nice to spend time with people that mean so much to you and that all love Brandon. Brandon is so special and his monster truck theme party rocked! I loved watching him sit on his chair, on top of the table, he seriously looked like the king!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday B

Brandon turned three years old today! I cannot believe how fast time flys by. Last night, Tim and I were driving home from a Dodger game and I looked at the time and thought....3 years to the click we were all rushing to get changed out of our pjs, throw a few things together and drive like maniacs to Los Angeles. I remember the excitement of getting Cyndi's call to the worry of watching my little sis in pain, to the nodding off and trying to stay awake at 2, 3,4 AM to the fear of me and Mom holding hands, arms, clenching together as we were lucky enough to witness Brandon's birth. My brother in law still laughs and makes fun of me for all the pics I was taking once he was born and was being weighed/checked out. He said he never had seen me so nervous and wound up! It's truly amazing to be an Aunt. To be able to share in all his accomplishments, watch as he learns to crawl...his army crawl was the best, to tiny little steps, to babbling and learning to eat to walking, talking, running, riding a bike to correcting me as to which shape is what. He is the smartest, most adorable little boy and I love him very much. Other than B correcting me with a shape while coloring with him, I have two other favorite memories. One when he was still little and I was holding him and talking to him, he touched my cheek, the other memory just within the last few months, I brought him back a Mark Martin race car from the Speedway and he said "cool race car". He lights up the room and you just want to hug him but he's way too fast and busy crashing cars for any of that!

Sleep-over with my Aunts

I got to have a sleep over last night with my Aunt Cathy, Aunt Linda, Grandma and Grampy! I had so much fun playing with my Aunts and my new train squirter toys during bathtime that Aunt Cathy got me. My Aunts said that I was really good and that they had a blast spending time with me. Grandma said I slept really well and was a good boy. Thanks Grandma, Grampy, Aunt Linda and Aunt Cathy for taking care of me all week. I'm a very lucky kiddo.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weekend with our Aunts!

Brandon came to visit this past weekend and we had the best time playing with our Aunt Cathy and Aunt Linda! My Aunt Cyndi and Uncle E were there also and I thought it was really cool to have three Aunts all at Grandma's house.

Friday, May 13, 2011

My Aunts are Here!

Yippee! My Aunt Linda and Aunt Cathy left Redding around 2AM this morning and 17 hours later, they arrived at the Simi Valley train station where I was anxiously waiting for them! I have practicing saying their names and once my shyness wears off by tomorrow, I'll show them by skills! I know my Mommy and Grandma are super duper excited that Aunt Linda & Aunt Cathy are here because that's all they've been talking about! I cannot wait until tomorrow when I can spend all day with them!

Me and My Grampy

My Grampy is the best! He took me to Underwood Farm yesterday and let me play and play and play! He let me ride the train three times and just have fun and explore whatever I wanted to. After a really fun morning at the Farm, Grampy took me to McD's for some chicken nuggets!

Today Grampy took me to the park! I love hanging out with my Grampy!

Monday, May 9, 2011

What Mother's Day Means to Me

Mother's Day is a reminder of how truly lucky I am. I am a Mommy to the sweetest, most wonderful little boy. I am an Auntie to the cutest and smartest three year old. I am a daughter to the best Mom. Yep, that's me, one very lucky girl.

Before I was a Mom, I would so jealously envy other Moms. I would think, their kids bring them bfast in bed and make them some crafty artwork to hang on the wall...LUCKY! Now that I am a Mom, I realize it's much more than some fairy tale way of thinking. Being a Mom means finding your inner strength and patience when your toddler needs that from you the most. It's about being tough with them and following through when they act like little crazy, defiant people with a mind of their own. It's about the random hug you get when they are scared or tired and need their Mommy. It's about the smile or laugh they give you when you play with them. It's about taking a few extra minutes you thought you didn't have to play hide and seek in their closet, even though they cheat! It's about that extra hour of sleep that Daddy tries to give you on your Mother's Day while trying to keep a rambunctious son quiet. It's about having a grouchy two & a half year old whine and cry and you try everything you can possibly think of to make him stop because you just want a happy smiling toddler! It's about not cursing and getting mad when your son drops his three pound train on your toe.

For me, it's the day to day things, surviving them, coping and finding time to enjoy the smiles, laughs and accomplishments. It's about making time to go to the park. It's about the kiss on the cheek I get and the happiness I see in his eyes when I get home. It's about the enduring "MOMMY, MOMMY" that I hear him shouting from the living room when he hears me pull my car into the garage.
Motherhood is not easy which makes my respect for all the other Moms out there, especially my own Mom, that much greater.
I love you Aidan.

B's House

For at least the last three weeks, Aidan asks "B's house?" and I respond, we'll go to Brandon's house very soon. Even this last Tuesday, you know, the fun day planned with just Mommy. Aidan had a melt-down when I told him we were NOT going to B's house that day. His wimpers, Cynci, Eric, B's house....he wanted to go to their house so bad so....WE WENT...this past Saturday. Daddy, Mommy and Aidan picked up Grandma and Grampy and we made our way. A delicious breakfast was waiting for us when we arrived. We had such a fun day and we all got to see and hang out on Brandon's awesome new firetruck bed!

Just your typical day at Grandma/Grampy's

Every morning I choose the toy I want to take with me to Grandma/Grampy's house and when I get there, I run in the door and show Grandma and then ask where Grampy is! Grandma gets me all situated, turns on my favorite cartoon, gets me a beverage, covers me up and sits with me while I watch my morning cartoon. Next Grandma makes me breakfast and takes care of me and Grampy the rest of the day. She's busy feeding me and cleaning up and doing the hard work while Grampy and I rest and watch cartoons throughout the day. I love my Grandma and Grampy!

Tuesday Fun Day with Mommy

This past Tuesday, I was lucky enough to have an entire day with Aidan...all to my selfish self! So we had as much fun as possible. We started our day with a good oatmeal b-fast at home and then headed to Moorpark to Underwood Family Farm for an adventurous, extremely warm morning of fun. Aidan climbed, ran, explored and just had a great time getting dirty, seeing the animals, running through the tunnels, climbing on the combine, playing on the train and riding the train by himself for the first time. After a couple of hours at the Farm, we were hot and hungry so we headed to Chuck E Cheese in Thousand Oaks. We shared a pizza, played $5 worth of games with our tokens and managed to win 20 tickets, just enough to buy a tiny plastic frog!
After about an hour and half at the Chuckster, we headed to Oxnard to hit the beach. We played at the beach for almost two hours. Aidan started to get tired and asked to go home to see Daddy so I bribed him with a sucker and for ten minutes, he sat on my lap, dripping tootsie roll pop spit on his shirt, my leg and our blanket but I loved each one of those minutes.....watching and hearing the ocean with my little boy so contently sitting with his Mommy, counting the birds, talking about the waves and all the other sights and sounds around us.