Wednesday, June 22, 2011

2 years, 8 months

Aidan turned another month older yesterday. Not quite sure how it's possible but he gets cuter everyday. I find myself having real back and forth conversations with him. He amazes me with his memory and being able to re-tell what occurred. Just tonight he told us how a car went honk honk (last night before bed) and two weeks ago how Daddy tried to get rid of the cricket or how he went in the pool w/Grampy on Monday or how Daddy honked his horn at swim lessons. We ask him what park he wants to go and he decides, right now his favorite is the "duck park". He loves to feed the ducks and then go play. I'm so proud to say that he does great at Gymboree or EB as he calls it. I've been taking him now for 14 months and it's been a struggle. I'm glad that we stuck with it. Aidan says yes please often which is the sweetest thing. He loves riding on his new seat on Daddy's bicycle. He does not put up a fight wearing his helmet and really has fun with his Daddy. He ate an Arby's jr. roast beef sandwich as well as mashed potatoes, green beans, cherries, itsy bitsy bite of pinaapple and avocado this month. He still loves hot dogs and now asks for "happy meal please mommy"! Aidan has a great humor about him....just tonight as Grandma was walking us to the car and saying bye, I said, "thanks Mom" and Aidan repeats me loudly "THANKS MOM"....Mom and I were cracking up and so was Aidan. Then I tickle him and he keeps laughing. He has the best smile, laugh, voice, personality...well everything. He even spits cute (when he's mad) but he hates being threatened with a time out and so far, no timeouts in 3 weeks! We all love him so much. He makes each day a wonderful day.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Swim Day at Aunt Gerry & Uncle Bob's

Grandma and Grampy took me to Ventura yesterday to go swimming at Aunt Gerry and Uncle Bob's timeshare. I had so much fun jumping in the pool and splashing in the water with my Grampy. My cousins Max, Ali and Alex were there and I had fun seeing and playing with them. Gigi was there too and she rode in the car with us to and from Ventura. Once we got back to Grandma/Grampy's house, Gigi asked me for one of my goldfish crackers and at first I said no but then Mommy told me to be nice and share so I did because I'm a good boy (and I wanted to go to the duck park)! Thanks for a really fun day family!

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy who always make me laugh

Happy Father's Day to the best Grampy who always has time to play with me

Happy Father's Day to the best Papa who always gives the best hugs

Happy Father's Day to the best Grandpa that I miss so much

First Swim Class

Aidan and I did our first "parent and child" swim class this past Saturday. Aidan did not get upset and seemed to have fun. Thanks to his fan club (Grandma, Grampy, Daddy) for making the swim class fun!

Zoo time with my Uncle Rick & Daddy

I got to go in and wake up my Uncle Rick and say "animals" "zoo". Uncle Rick and Daddy took me for breakfast at McD's and then we drove to the Santa Barbara Zoo. We had a really fun day. Unfortunately the blue train at the zoo had what Daddy called a "boo-boo" but I didn't get too upset about it.

After a day at the zoo, we came home, rested and then we all went and met the Bunch's for dinner. Daddy wanted Uncle Rick to meet our friends and I wanted to play with "Annie" and "Nee" before they go on their two week vacation.

After dinner and my bath, Uncle Rick played cars with me and then read me a story. I'm sure going to miss my Uncle.

Aidan's first self portrait

Aidan used the camera on my phone and took his first self portrait. He thought it was so funny that he took about 20 more pictures!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

You're the best Daddy and I love you so much. I'm so excited that my Uncle Rick is here to stay with us for a few days! I hope your birthday was super fun Daddy.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Aidan Making Daddy's Cake

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Last Day of Memorial Day Weekend

We woke up Monday morning and I was so excited that both Mommy and Daddy were home and they told me, "hurry up Aidan, let's go pick up Caitlan and Courtney" We ate breakfast, got dressed and went to pick up Caitlan or as I say "Annie" and "Ney" for Courtney. Courtney gave me a car to play with and Caitlan gave me a book to read. I love playing with them and getting to go to Travel Town with them was really exciting! When we got there, we explored the trains, rode the train, ate lunch and played some more. Caitlan and Courtney were my lunch monitors, they wouldn't share a chip with me until I ate my cheese (from my lunchable). It made Mommy and Daddy's job easy! After lunch, Mommy bought the three of us little tiny trains and Daddy bought me Billy to add to my collection. Caitlan and Courtney sang and made me laugh all the way home and then we were surprised when Daddy and Mommy stopped to take us for ice cream at McDs! We acted really silly and Daddy kept running Billy (my new orange train) into the ice cream and then driving him around all crazy because Billy couldn't see anything with ice cream covering his eyes. Caitlan, Courtney and I were hysterical. We dropped the gals at home and I cried because I didn't want to leave them but I needed a nap. So after my nap, we headed back over to BBQ hamburgers. I played in the doll house, in the giant cardboard box house, ran wild all over the backyard and then once the sun had set, we saw bats....yes BATS flying around! Always an adventure! Exhausted from a jammed packed weekend of fun, I quickly fell asleep.

My Day 3 of Memorial Day Weekend

We got up on Sunday and ate breakfast fast so that we could go pick up Grandma and go to Underwood Farm! Grandma, Mommy and I had a fun time. I got to ride the train four times, yep, four times! I loved each time so much that I cried at the end because I wanted to go on the train again. AND.....I rode in the front of the train like Grampy told me to! The three of us also rode on the cow ride which took us on a fun tour around the actual farm portion. I liked it but kept asking to ride the train. We bought some carrots and fed the animals which I thought was really fun and kept saying "again".

After playing at the Farm for a few hours, we headed to McDonald's where Grandma bought me a happy meal and you guessed it.....I WAS HAPPY! They even let me be a big boy and play on the McDs playground equipment. I kept trying to get the nerve to climb up the tube to go down the big slide but it was really new to me and after about 10 minutes (and hearing a kid that sounded like he had whooping cough), Mommy asked me nicely to come out. We took Grandma home and then Mommy and I went home to take a nap.

After my nap, Grandma and Grampy came over to my house! Daddy bought me a bicycle seat and was getting it all ready so when I woke up from my nap, not only was Grandma and Grampy here, but Daddy took me on a quick ride on my new seat! Then we had a BBQ and I showed off and had a lot of fun with my Grandma, Grampy, Daddy and Mommy!

My Day 2 of Memorial Day Weekend

The second day of my Memorial Day weekend was on Saturday and Mommy made us a really big breakfast. I'm doing really good at eating eggs now but it might because I'm being bribed with my favorite...BACON!!
We had a very relaxing morning and then about 11:15 or so we headed to the park to go to my friend Aisling's 1st birthday party. I love the park so of course I loved her birthday party!

After Aisling's party and a nap, we headed over to the Bunch's house for Courtney's "bridging" ceremony where she goes from being a Girl Scout Daisy to a Girl scount Brownie. I had a lot of fun playing in the doll house until the ceremony was about to begin and then I decided that I no longer wanted to be quiet, even though Mommy and Daddy kept pleading with me to be! They gave me an apple and then I sat somewhat quietly on Daddy's lap while we watched Courtney. Afterwards, there was a lot of food and kids playing and I had the best time playing with Caitlan and Courtney. Caitlan told Mommy "I'll watch out for Aidan, he's so cute and plus I love him". Caitlan did look out for me and played with me, she really is the best.

My Day 1 of Memorial Day Weekend

The first day of Memorial Day weekend started for me and Daddy on Friday. Just me and my Daddy at the Santa Barbara Zoo! Daddy and I rode the train two times! We had lunch and saw all the animals! Mommy cut a really big piece of cardboard that we took so that I could slide down the hill but somebody stole it from my wagon while Daddy and I were riding the train, but no worries, Daddy found me another piece of cardboard and I had the best time sliding down the hill!
Daddy and I had a really great day together!

Sad to Say Bye

My Aunts left on the train to go home and it was really sad. I love it when they come to visit and wish they didn't have to leave.