Friday, July 22, 2011

Blogger Update

I've been working through the kinks with my new computer which is why I have not posted any pictures in a while. The last four blogs or so have been updated with slide shows. Have a great weekend. Ours started out great as we had pizza Friday preceeded by fun time at the pool with Mommy, Daddy and Grandma! We are getting up early to go watch Brandon play soccer. He plays Kendyl's team so it will be fun to see them both play! Looking forward to a fun day at Aunt Cyndi's house!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Circus Circus

Aidan turned another month older today! Aidan had the opportunity to go to the circus for the first time today. Kevin scored some tickets through work and Heather invited us to go with her, Kendyl, Cyndi and Brandon. We had the best time today. It's always fun to take off work and do something so cool like that with your son and even better when it is also with your nephew, sister and generous,nicest family....Heather, Kevin and Kendyl. It was Aidan's first time at the Staples Center. As he gets a little older, I hope to take him to many Clipper games and a few Laker games. Aunt Cyndi bought Aidan a really cool four wheeler truck at the circus, he had fun playing with it at intermission. Every time Aidan would put down the truck, Brandon would bring it back over to him. After a while, it got pretty funny. It's almost like B has watched Toy Story one too many times and felt sorry for the toy. I love spending time with both Brandon and Aidan and today was really I love the circus! Being a Mom has so many advantages, you get to do all the fun "kid" activities.

Aidan has not used the potty again since his first time on Saturday but we'll keep bribing him! His sleep pattern has changed this week, he doesn't want to go to bed at 8PM and last night I could still hear him talking and playing his aquarium until 9:30PM. Needless to say, he's a little cranky when I have to wake him up at 6:40 AM. He does so many sweet things. This afternoon, as Aidan was going to the pool with Daddy and I was in the kitchen (thinking both A & Tim had already left), Aidan pulls on my leg and makes a kissing sound....he ran back in the house to give me a kiss goodbye. He says thanks quite often, he makes sure he always tells Grampy bye bye and loves to stop at the window on the way to my car and yell through the window, "bye Grampy". Yesterday Gigi was over and we were almost late to Gymboree because Aidan had to make sure he told them both goodbye. Today when I dropped him off in the morning, he gets inside Grandma and Grampy's house and then turns to me and says "bye Mommy"....I'm kind of like, uh ok, I guess it's time for me to leave. But I love it because he has his routine down. He's doing really great at pool time. After we got back from the circus today, Aidan and Daddy got in the pool and Tim said he holds on to the side of the pool and scoots around the perimeter of the pool. He's an amazing like boy and I can't wait to see what new things he picks up by this time next month.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


So this weekend the buzz in our area is Carmageddon where the 405 is shut down for 53 hours. We stayed close to home all day to avoid any trouble. Today was mine and Aidan's last parent and me swim class. Aidan and another girl named Autumn were the biggest kids in the class, not quite old enough for one on one swim lessons and I truly didn't care that my kid looked like the only 4.5 year old in a 6-36 mo. class. He's tall....what can I say. The class enabled him to do things he didn't do five weeks ago. Grampy has worked with him in the hot tub for the last couple of weeks giving him the confidence he needs. Grandma & Grampy (aka Aidan's fan club) have been at every swim class except last week (Brandon's first soccer game), Aidan says no no most of the class but then I find something that sparks his curiosity like jumping in and out of the pool. In the end, I'm glad Aidan and I got to do this together.

After swimming and a whole lot of bribery, Aidan used his potty for the first time so we were off like a herd of turtles to McDs to reward our little guy. Grandma and Grampy have showed him the Elmo potty video and encouraged him to go sit on the potty and their hard work payed off today.

After nap today, the three of us went on a bike ride to the duck park where a Queen Tribute plan was playing. We packed some snacks, stopped to get some subs and had a really fun time. There were so many kids at the park, all ages, Aidan had a wonderful time running around playing with them. It was when he asked me to push him on the swing that I had a moment where I wished I could freeze frame! I mean really, there are all these teeny boppers running around being obnoxious and teenage boys being mean to one another and then there's my sweet at 2 years, 9 months, full of smiles and laughter, adores me and his Daddy, absolutely loves it when I do anything and everything with him, needs me to kiss his boo boos, plays cars with me, dances with me, laughs at me, hugs me when he's scared, hugs me when he's happy, kisses me whenever I ask, truly my favorite person to be around. How about you stay this way forever? I guess as his Mom I just have to remind myself to not take any day for granted. So....I'll be super proud of Aidan for being a big boy and using the potty but that doesn't mean that I want him to actually be a big boy.

My Boys

So this weekend we had the privilege of spending it with Brandon. It truly is a privilege to be his Aunt. I love him so much as does his cousin Aidan, Grandma, Grampy and Uncle Tim. I was only able to spend a few hours in the evening on Saturday at which time we played in both the little pool and the hot tub or "deep pool" as Aidan calls it. Never-the-less, it was a fun evening. On Sunday, Mom, Aidan, Brandon and I went to Underwood Farm. The boys are different in what sparks their curiosity which is so much fun to observe but a lot of diligent observation by Mom and I. Plus Mom had the fun job of taking B to the potty frequently...very frequently! But he handled using the porta-potty like a champ, as did Grandma. The boys had a great time running through the tunnels together and climbing/playing on the stationary train. Aidan loved climbing the combine and driving the steering wheel, Brandon loved climbing the hay stacks and playing in the dirt. Grandma played in the dirt with B as well, she truly is the greatest Grandma. They both loved feeding the animals carrots through the shoots and they both loved running around, eating goldfish crackers and observing all the animals. It's unique times like this that I am really glad that I didn't take the lazy, wake up leisurely approach, otherwise, I would miss out on spending such fun times with the two boys I love the most.

Of course we had to take them to McDs for lunch after the Farm. We ate our lunch, played and went home separately for some much needed naps.

Grandma made pizza for dinner and we managed to find time to get in the pool and hot tub with Grampy, followed by bath and then watching Mickey's Clubhouse where at the end of every show, they play the "hot dog song" so all of us.......Grandma, Grampy, Aidan, Brandon and I all danced to the very catchy "hot dog hot dog hot diggety dog" song. My nephew never ceases to impress us with his vocabulary and intellect, before dinner, Brandon wanted something that he really couldn't have right before din din and I told him he could have it after we ate and he responded "I don't like that plan". I laughed, stopped what I was doing, walked over and kissed him and as hard as it is to NOT give in to your brilliantly smart nephew, I carried on. Mom and Jim told me that when they were driving B home after his soccer game, he said "look an 18 wheeler". Yep, that's how smart my Brandon is!

Independence Day!

Our July 3rd and 4th was pretty fun. We made it fun. It's not always easy breezy keeping Aidan content and happy and this weekend certainly challenged our parenting skills. On Sun, the 3rd we had lunch and lots of fun at Grandma and Grampy's house in Aidan's little pool. After A's nap, he was crying and whining and we really didn't know what to do because we planned on taking him to Moorpark's fireworks which is held the day before Independence Day. We decided to eat dinner at home to buy ourselves some time. After dinner and Aidan asking us to see "ackerworks" or something that sounded a lot like crackerjacks (which made me want some of those) we braved the crowds. We couldn't park in the event parking because we were way too late but we circled a few residential areas for some time until we luckily found a spot. We had quite a ways to walk and 2 hours to kill but our little guy is quite the trooper, walked the entire way and then we played at a park (adjacent to where the fireworks were)until it was too dark to see anymore. The first firecracker lit up the sky and Aidan hugged me really tight but didn't cry and loved it! It was our first time taking him to the fireworks and something we will continue to do every year until he's a teenager and no longer finds us funny and cool! He was up so late and it took us forever to get out of Moorpark that Aidan said "my bed,night night".

July 4th started out whiny and crying again but we got it together and rode our bikes in 90+ degree temps to the duck park where we fed the "baby ducks", played and then rode to McD's for a happy meal and playtime on the "happy meal slide". I love his names for things. After all of our naps, we went to Grandma and Grampy's and had the best time bbq, playing in the pool, seeing Gigi, taking a bath and concluding with waiting for the lights to come on outside. He loves their palm tree when it lights up as well as the gazebo lights which he refers to as the "lighthouse lights". We are lucky to have our independence and we are so lucky to be together as a family and enjoy the little things that really mean the most in life.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Train, Train all the way

Day 2 of our July 4th weekend totally rocked! I'm really not sure who was more excited to ride the train, me or Aidan. I was wide awake and way too excited WAY TOO early this morning! I woke up Aidan at 7:10 this AM and we were out the door at 7:30AM in route to the Simi train station. We printed our tickets, met Grandma there and waited for the train to promptly arrive at 8:22 AM. Aidan was so excited to get on the train and at first it took us a while to find a place to sit, but then we found a table and ate a little breakfast and enjoyed our 1 hr 48 min ride to Fullerton!

Cyndi, Eric and Brandon picked us up and we headed to their house where we played, ate lunch, went swimming, rested on B's couch while eating snacks and watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates, played some more, ate an early dinner and then it was back to the Fullerton station to catch the 6:10 PM train back to Simi. The train going back home was not as crowded and just as the ride to Cyndi's, the ride back was just as fun. Aidan, Grandma and I had the best day! We are so glad we got to see Brandon and taking a train was a lot of fun! When we were leaving Cyndi's house, Brandon said "but I don't want you to leave". He just makes my day....I love my nephew so much and I didn't want to leave either. Brandon sat on my lap and asked me to read him a book this afternoon, not just once but twice. We use to cuddle a lot when he was a baby so I'll take the five minutes of cuddle time and appreciate every minute to it's fullest. He is the smartest three year old and I love spending time with him. Today was just an awesome day for me personally. Being able to spend such great time with Aidan and Brandon makes me the happiest.

Friday, July 1, 2011

First Day of July 4th Weekend!

Daddy had the day off today so my fourth of July weekend started today, July 1st! Daddy and I went and picked up Grandma and Grampy this morning and headed to the Santa Barbara Zoo! We had a really fun day at the Zoo. I slid down the mountain on my cardboard and today I tried the steep side, unfortunately I fell and hit my face and ate a little sand. I wasn't too happy. Before bed tonight, I told Mommy that Papi (kiss sound) my boo boo at zoo while I pointed to my cheek. I'm really smart and my Mommy tells that to me a lot! Grandma, Grampy, Daddy and I rode the train and had to wait in a long line but I love trains so it's worth it! I slept for a bit on the way home and then watched cartoons and waited for Mommy to get home.

For dinner, we met Caitlan, Courtney, Jen and Scott at Red Robin and Caitlan convinced me to eat 3/4th of my grilled cheese. Caitlan and Courtney brought me back a really cool red car from their trip to Hawaii. I love it and played with it while waiting for our food. After we ate, Caitlan Courtney and I got to ride the train at the mall! This weekend is going to be filled with trains, trains trains!! I love seeing the girls and was pretty sad to have to say good-bye.

Last Weekend in June

Mommy and I went to our swim class together on Saturday, I am really good at standing on the side of the pool and jumping in. I kicked my feet and did pretty good. Grandma walked over to the pool and watched me and then on our walk to the car, there was Grampy! Then we drove home, and Papa was at my house! I am so loved!

On Sunday morning, Daddy left early to go mountain biking and Mommy and I had a quick breakfast and then Grandma Lori and Papa came over and we drove to Underwood Farm. I rode the train ride twice, fed all the animals carrots, went on a cow ride with Grandma, climbed on the combine and even went down the combine slide! I had the best time at the Farm with my Grandma and Papa. Mommy bought me a ticket to ride the electric tractor but I didn't quite grasp the concept of keeping my foot on the gas. Mommy still helped me and it was a lot of fun. After the Farm, Grandma and Papa bought me and Mommy lunch at McD's. I was so excited to go there and kept saying "happy meal Mommy" and "eyes" meaning fries! After I ate my lunch I went and played on the McD's playground equipment. It was my first time to crawl up the tunnel and then go down the slide. My last trip there, I would attempt to crawl up the tunnel but I just wasn't quite sure on that one. Well this Sunday was different and I did it! I had the best day ever and it just got better. After my nap, we went over to Grandma and Grampy's house for dinner. It's kinda our new thing now.....Sunday dinner at Grandma's..... at least once a month. I love going to their's pretty much my house too!