Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hot weekend!

I spent over 30 minutes writing a blog just to have it deleted so I'll just make this one quick.  Sorry it's been so long since I've written about Aidan.  He is doing great!  He's changing....seems like daily and it's not always a walk in the park trying to teach him right from wrong and getting him to move forward in his maturity but we are patient and work with him daily.  Just tonight, he ate a pretty decent serving of spaghetti and said "yum".  My favorite thing is just to be able to get up on a weekend morning, have bfast, clean and do all the normal errands with Aidan.  This morning, I got an extra hour of sleep thanks to Tim and Aidan so feeling all refreshed, I made a big breakfast which included cinnamon rolls aka "treat" which Aidan tried, ate and liked.  He helps me do the laundry as he did this morning, followed by grocery shopping.  He points out the different fruit, decides on the type of cake mix to buy and shopping turns out to be a great learning experience.  We see our favorite pharmacist so we stop by quickly to say hi, she gives Aidan some stickers, we check out, hurry home, put away only the cold stuff and head to the "blue" park where the water play area will only be on until next weekend.  We play and head home for a late lunch, make some cupcakes, take a nap and then go swimming with Scott, Courtney, Daddy and me.  For me, the day flys by.  I love days like this.  It makes me wish even that much more that I could be a stay at home Mom.....what I wouldn't give to be one.

Since Aidan's babysitters (ha ha aka Grandma & Grampy) took a half day yesterday, I got to take a half day which I loved.  Aidan and I headed to the beach.  I'm not going to say it was the perfect afternoon, far from it, it was raining, cold and even though we played and had fun, the trip did entail a breakdown because of a piece of cheese that got dropped in the sand!  I do have a point and that is, even the meltdowns put in perspective what it means to be a parent.  It takes you the happiest place (and it's not Disneyland) and takes you to the most frustrating place and it can all happen within 10 minutes of one another and yet you wouldn't trade either set of emotions for anything in the world.   Just last night, he splashed in the bathtub and got the floor drenched, I said, Aidan, no, if you do it again, you're getting out so he looks at me and with the most defiant look on that precious little face, does it again but even harder.  I immediately took him out of the tub, of course there was a lot of crying involved but less than 15 minutes later, the three of us are playing "tunnels" (using A's train's and a rug) and Aidan just plops over and gives me the biggest hug.

He tells me what song he wants me to sing him at night and just today, starting humming while I sing.  I laughed, so he laughs and then we're both laughing and it's just great. 

We implemented a sticker reward chart which he gets when he goes potty and it is working out quite well!
Well enough for tonight.....I put a lot of pics from August in the attached slide show.

Monday, August 8, 2011

My little buddy

Aidan and I got to spend a little time this evening playing at the park together...just the two of us. He picks which park we go to and today it was the "Lion" Park. I sat in the little "house" and Aidan pretended to serve me hot dogs, fries and lollipops and I pretended to eat everything he made me. We searched for sticks, went down the slide and ran around the park. Aidan tripped and fell on his knee, I kissed it and then we kept running. For the first time ever, Aidan told me he was ready to go home by saying "Mommy I go home, ride tricycle" so we did just that. I made up a song about Aidan running and hurting his knee and he had me sing it at least 20 times tonight.

We only had to have one timeout tonight! Lately he refuses to cooperate or do most things we ask him like park your tricycle, wash your hands, come to the dinner table, go upstairs for bath, stop yelling, stop spitting and etc. Yesterday was the first time that I realized his timeouts are not as effective as they were a month ago so I have to move his timeout to a place that isn't fun nor has any toys. I think yesterday morning at bfast he actually wanted a timeout more than he wanted to eat breakfast. He is definitely becoming more and more independent and is trying many tactics to get his own way. I love watching this learning process but at the same time, it's tough when he looks right at you and purposely screams and spits and most of the time, one right after the next. I guess it cannot always be fun, giggles, hugs and kisses but sometimes I just want to play and have fun with him and not have to be miss meany all the time. This afternoon at the park and riding the tricycle outside was one of those fun, giggles, hugs and kisses moments.

At dinner, Aidan was reenacting Mickey Mouse pushing something heavy and then wiping his forehead and saying "whewwww". It was so cute and Tim tried so hard get it on video. Aidan and I had a pretty lengthy discussion at dinner as to he wants to invite to his party. He first says B of course, then Mamo, Grampy, Cynci, Eric, Aunta (Aunt Linda), Aunt (Aunt Cathy), Papa, Andma Ori (Lori), Annie (Caitlan) and so on.

When getting our pjs on, he asked me to sing "clubhouse" so I did which goes "It's the mickey mouse clubhouse, come inside, it's fun inside" Then Aidan says "Grampy (followed by singing ")Mickey Mouse clubhouse, come inside house" which is how Grampy sings it because he's never got any lyrics to any song correct! I was cracking up....the kid just pays attention and remembers so much. He is growing (just had to buy him size 8 shoe after Aidan repeatedly told me "shoes, too tight")and learning, being sweet, being not so sweet, making us all smile, making some of us want to cry at times and although some days I don't always feel like the best Mom, I do know that I'm a very lucky Mom and wouldn't change a thing.

When getting