Thursday, September 15, 2011

Missing you before we've even left

I’ll miss your very warm and lengthy morning hugs

I’ll miss you reminding every day that you want to open and close the garage door
I’ll miss you telling me every morning “You go this way Mommy….I go this way Mommy” as we get out of the car to walk into Grandma/Grampy’s house
I’ll miss you telling me at least seven times a day about your “happy, train town, candles, etc.”
I’ll miss “Chase Aidan” and running up and down the stairs (with the duck) chasing you
I’ll miss playing hide and seek (again…with the duck) and pretending to NOT know where you’re hiding
I’ll miss you wearing your t-shirt on your head and that incredible smile you give us every night before bath
I’ll miss you “bopping” with Daddy as you stand naked on your changing table singing
I’ll miss you telling me after your bath “go at-tacks” (meaning take out your contacts) so Daddy and I can play hide and seek
I’ll miss you putting your hand on my arm the entire time I read you your bedtime stories
I’ll miss you sitting on my lap  every night before bed as you play with your clock and I get an entire three minutes to cuddle with you
I’ll miss singing “you are my sunshine” every night at bedtime
You are the light of my (our) life and I’ll miss everything…..the great, the good, the not so great, the bad because that’s what makes you the amazing little boy that you are. 
Daddy and I will be back before you know it.  We love you.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Aidan's first kiss!

We went to the park today and Aidan was having a great time playing with a little girl named Miranda who turned 3 in June.  They played on the slides, climbed up the slides backwards, played with sticks..etc.  They were really playing good together.  Aidan kept telling her about his "happy" at "train town" and about his cupcakes and song.  I was standing talking to Miranda's dad and at one point I heard her say to Aidan, "I've told me 5 times already, come over here"!  So cute.......
The best part was when it was time to leave.  Miranda blew Aidan a kiss and he did the same back and as we walked away to the car, Miranda said "stop, wait" and she walked up to him, put her hand on his face and kissed his cheek.  He got so excited and was hopping and running to the car, all at once.  I've never seen that type of reaction.  It was such a cute moment!


To state that ten years ago on 9/11/01 was a horrific day would be an understatement.  We saw the absolute worse of what hate and people can do and yet we saw the absolute best in people  and how complete strangers showed love, compassion and pure sacrifice.  To move on and rebuild is what our country did but to not take a moment, remember and say a prayer would do all those that died a dishonor.  Someday in the future, when Aidan is older, Tim and I will take him to New York and show him the memorial that is being built where the towers use to stand and show him the new towers that are being built. 
It's our jobs as parents to teach or kids what seems like a zillion things....and amidst teaching them their colors, ABCs, no spitting, eat your food and so on and so on but it's a day like yesterday that puts in perspective how important it is to teach your child right from wrong, how to be kind, to lend a helping hand to someone in need, to be resilient and to never give up, no matter how bad life seems to get. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day

This morning we got to sleep until 7 and the best part is staying in your pjs, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, playing, eating breakfast and just relaxing. Having an extra day like today enables me to take my time cleaning up the house, Aidan loves for me to chase him with his duck so I'll start folding laundry and Aidan will say "chase Aidan" so we're running around sounding like a bunch of elephants. It's nice because Aidan can play with Mommy and Daddy and not always at the same time which gives us a chance to straighten up but also get lots of play time in.

Grandma and Grampy came over at about 11:30 and we headed over to swim at the pool. Aidan was really excited to get to play in the pool with Grampy. After some swimming, we barbecued some brats and Aidan got to sit and tell Grandma all about our day yesterday. We had some root beer floats and enjoyed a fun visit.

After our naps, (ha....I managed to sneak in a 20 minute nap myself), we headed over to the Bunch's for a bbq. We met another very nice family with three girls. Aidan had a great time playing and as we were leaving, all the girls said in unison "bye Aidan". It was really cute.

We once again got home pretty late and it was after 10 by the time Aidan fell asleep but he did great, plus he loves playing with Caitlan and she adores him.  She sits next to him and tells him to eat his dinner, she got out of the hot-tub because she felt bad that Aidan couldn't get in, Aidan started crying and she stopped what she was doing to come to his rescue.  She told me tonight " I really like spending time with Aidan".  She played hide and seek with him and loves to sit and sing to him.  He sits right next to her and listens and cooperates when she cues him to sing his part.  She's an amazing little girl and Aidan is lucky to have a friend like her.

Well, our awesome three day weekend has come to an end.  We maxed out the fun.....
Sat-errands, Papa/Grandma/bike ride to duck park
Sun-Train/bus ride, Zoo
Mon-Grandma/Grampy, swim, "annie's doll house"
Good luck tomorrow Aunt Cyndi.  I hope your first day at your new school and in your new classroom goes great.  Love you.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

'Surprise" bound-choo choo

One of the best feelings is planning an all day trip encompassing your child's most favorite things and having the day turn out as great as you had hoped and planned.  We all went to bed on time last night to prepare for our big day today.  The only thing Aidan knew was that we were taking the train and that he had another 'surprise" coming.  We got up early, got McD's b-fast and headed to the train station where we ate in the car.  The train was right on time and we were Santa Barbara bound by 8:50 AM.  After discussing the crying incident that happened on Thurs at the train station, Aidan was indeed prepared and there were no tears today when the trains arrived at the stations.  We were in SB at 10:20 AM and walked towards the pier where we got on the wrong shuttle, got off and found the correct shuttle/bus.  For about a week now, Aidan keeps asking to ride on a bus so he was extremely happy to ride the bus that took us to the Zoo.  The zoo was Aidan's surprise and boy was he excited!  The line to buy tickets at the zoo was ginormous but we walked right by since we rock with our zoo memberships!  We looked at all the animals, ate our lunch, played many times on the green mountain that you slide down(with Daddy and doing some fancy new to follow soon), had a timeout, saw some more animals, watched a lived dinosaur show where Aidan impressed us by sitting for the entire show and then it was back to catch the bus to take us back to the pier.

The Santa Barbara Pier was really crowded but we made our way and found a fish and chips place for Daddy that had chicken nuggets for Aidan and a chicken sandwich for Mommy.  We sat facing the ocean, watched all the boats, birds and crazy people.  It took a little patience and work to get Aidan to behave, sit and eat but we figured it out through a lot of patience on our part.  We gave ourselves plenty of time so we never had to was great, the fog finally burned off around noon and it was a pretty day.  We bought Aidan a leopard toy at the zoo and he was walking playing with it and so many people just looked, smiled and some would comment as to how cute he is.

We walked back to the train station with plenty of time to kill, sat down in the grass and we were all relaxing.  Our train was scheduled to leave at 6:17PM.  A train arrived about 5:45 and we figured it was another train.  Just to be safe, I went and asked (since no announcement or anything was posted on the board), sure enough, it was OUR train!  Ha ha ha, we....... ok, ME, panicked a tad but the train was just there early and wasn't allowed to leave the station until it's scheduled departure so we were fine.  On the Surfliner Train 11, we were assigned seats, unlike the train we took to SB or the ones we took to Fullerton.  I got seated next to a woman who was also Simi Valley bound who rode from Oregon (24 hours).  Aidan immediately livened up that portion of the train by just walking over and talking to the woman.  She loves kids and loved Aidan.  Said how smart and what a good talker he is for his age.  I'm not bragging or anything, just a very proud moment for both Daddy and I.  We talked the entire way or should I say Aidan talked the entire way.  There were a bunch of older folks sitting around us and they seemed to enjoy our rowdy, never sit still child.  At one point, Aidan discovered the call light for the train attendants or engineers, whatever they are called.  This older woman comes over and pretends to give Aidan a hard time about pushing the button, it was cute. 

It's not to say the entire day went perfectly, we had our moments, falling, crying, running off and NOT stopping, almost tantrum for not letting him eat just french fries, whining here and there but we are not perfect and neither are toddlers.  Aidan was truly a great little boy and we absolutely loved taking him today.  With work, days like today are not really feasible too often but when they happen, we do our very best to enjoy every minute of the day!

We know we wore Aidan out because the drive home was the first time, all day, that the chatter box didn't have anything to say.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tantrum oh tantrum

Aidan threw his first big tantrum in the grocery store today.  He was being my helper and things were going great until he dropped a piece (tiny) of apple on the floor.  When I told him that he could not have it, the crying and meltdown began.  The crying led to screaming, all while trying to check out.  I have to say, the grocery clerks worked really fast to get us out of there!  As soon as we got home, we had to walk right by Papa and Grandma who came to visit and go upstairs for a timeout.  After our timeout was done, we played and had lunch with Grandma and Papa.  Grandma and Aidan made brownies and Aidan was super happy that Papa and Grandma came to visit.                                                                               During Aidan's nap, I went to get my hair done, to initiate "operation beautify Mommy".  For our trip that is.....that is less than two weeks away.  I have had tears come to my eyes Thurs, Fri and today just thinking of leaving my little screamer!  Daddy and Aidan went on a bicycle ride to the duck park, I met up with them after "operation beautify mommy" and then we went home for dinner and tried to get Aidan to bed on-time tonight since we have a really big day planned for him tomorrow!

Friday, September 2, 2011


I picked up Caitlan this afternoon and we "surprised" Aidan at Grandma/Grampy's house.  At first Aidan just looked at Caitlan and then ran in excitement to Grampy's chair.  Cait and Aidan played a little bit, we got to hear Caitlan's interactive song she sings with Aidan and then we were off to Chuck E Cheese for some fun.  We played ski ball, air hockey and the kids played a water game quite a few times as well as many others before we sat down and had some pizza and breadsticks.  Aidan adores Caitlan and will do just about anything she tells him but he refused to go on the miniature carousel. So they climbed and played in the playground equipment which is great because it's free!  ha ha

Caitlan was responsible for all our tickets we acquired and she showed Aidan how to feed them in the machine that counts them for you.  Caitlan finally said to me "can you please tell him to stop pushing the button?"  Every time she would feed 1,2,3 tickets in the machine, Aidan would push the button to cash out!  Let's just say, it took a very long time to count 64 tickets!!!!
We all had a really fun night and not even five minutes after we left Caitlan's house, Aidan was already asking to go back to Chuck E. Cheese!  Let the Labor Day weekend of fun begin!

Aidan's Turn

After work yesterday, Aidan and I went over to the Amtrak station to print our tickets for our fun trip we have planned for Sunday.  I checked the train schedules ahead of time to ensure we got to see a train while there printing our tickets.  As the metrolink pulled in to the station, Aidan actually cried!  It was the first time the train scared him enough to cry.  As the train pulled away and we waved bye, I told Aidan that we get to ride a train on Sunday.  I wish I could have recorded that very moment because the way his little face lit up and the shriek he made in excitement was so cute.   We stopped to grab some take out and the entire drive he kept saying "Aidan's turn to ride train" and asked me many questions such as "train ride B's house? "Mamo going? etc.  While I was paying and we were waiting for our food, Aidan started talking to a complete stranger and was telling her all about the train, that is what his "upise (surprise), that we were NOT going to B's house, that is was his turn to ride the train, and so on.  The woman said "wow, he sure is outgoing, how old is he?"

Seventeen months ago our pediatrician told us to get him involved in a social type of setting and as all of you know, Gymboree was the 1-2 time a week class I started him in and it was NOT easy and every week during the structured class was challenging.  Gymboree is almost wrapping up, of course right, just when he loves it!  It's amazing how toddlers work, how they learn and just how much influence parents, caregivers, family and friends can have on kids.  The day to day things we do with our children and the everlasting effects it can have.