Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Aunt Linda!

As Aidan would say "happy Aunta".  He also practiced singing the "happy" song this morning.  He is very excited to eat Aunta's cupcakes and go trick or treating!  I love it when my Aunt Linda and Aunt Cathy come to visit.  We've been really lucky because Aunt Linda has got to stay for over two weeks.  I might not get to see her or do something with her each day but it's just a great feeling knowing that she is here.  My Aunt Linda really listens to me and always does, always has made me feel special.  She loves helping take care of Aidan and just being around all of us.  Tim, Aidan and I love it when she comes to visit.  I'm so glad she's here to go trick or treating with us and that she's spending her special day with us.

Happy Birthday, we love you!

Halloween at Papa/Grandma's house

Aidan and I went and visited Papa and Grandma yesterday.  Aidan was a good sport and wore his costume to Papa/Grandma's house.  Right when he pulled into the driveway, I said "Aidan, can you put on your train hat" and he said "ok Mommy".  He had so much fun at their house.  They put together a goodie bag with all kinds of treats from candy to glow in the dark Thomas stickers, coloring books, stretchy froggy, Mickey Mouse Halloween book and a few other things.  He played "baseball" with Grandma and Papa (whiffle balls and bat), ate lunch, played trains at their dinner table, popped bubbles outside, had storytime with them and just a lot of fun. 

Thanks Papa and Grandma for a fun afternoon. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday via webcam from Grandma & Grandpa

My Grandma & Grandpa wished me a happy birthday over web cam and not only did I get to talk to them, I got to open the present they sent me and they got to see me open it! It's like I'm sitting right in front of them....even though we're 2000 miles apart. I love the present they gave me, THOMAS THE TRAIN!

Grandma showed me her talking Halloween/witch hat as well as the singing skeleton, I thought both were really funny!  Grandpa whistled for Molly so I got to see "ruff ruff". 

It was nice seeing my grandparents, I sure miss them.  After we were done with web cam and for the remainder of the evening, I kept asking for both of them. 

Thank you Grandma & Grandpa for my present, I love you both!

Pumpkin Patch

We had a blast at the pumpkin patch this past Sunday. I think it's the most fun we've ever had at the Farm because of our family that went with us...Mamo, Grampy, Daddy, Mommy, Aunt Linda, Aunt Cathy, Dawn-Dawn, Dylan, Kammi, Aunt Cyndi, Uncle Eric and Brandon! We played, fed the animals, rode the train, ate some lunch, rode the cow train, played in the pumpkin patch, played in the bean bin, climbed the combine and went down the slide. We were at the pumpkin patch for a little over four hours and we all had a really fun time!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Party Party Party

Aidan had his birthday party this past Saturday at Travel Town in Griffith Park. The party was fun, it was great having our family and friends there to celebrate with us. Tim grilled hot dogs, we all ate, the kids did the pinata (Aidan loved hitting the pinata so much that he did not want to stop and let the other kids have a turn), we all sang happy birthday to Aidan (he did not cry, but seemed to like it) and then we all rode the same train together! It was a lot of fun! Aidan absolutely loves trains and I bet the train went by us at least 30 times while we were there, Aidan would run over to the fence each time and just smile and stare!

Aidan opened a few presents at Travel Town but the weather was in the 90s so after a bunch of fun pictures and everyone marveling at the tricycle Dad fixed up for Aidan, we packed up and headed home.

Mom made us all a delicious Mexican food dinner, we played, Aidan opened his presents and then we went home and got boo-ed by Aunt Cyndi, Uncle Eric and Brandon....apparently being boo-ed is a good thing because you get your doorbell rang and lots of fun snacks and toys are waiting in the pumpkin bucket!

I got to read to my two favorite little boys....B doesn't spend the night at our house very often so it was a real treat to have him there.

Another birthday has come and gone and it seems like Aidan is changing right now more than ever.  He's taller, smarter, much more opinionated, wants to do things on his own, repeats everything he hears, sleeps in a toddler bed, enjoyed opening his birthday presents, understands & talks about what is happening around him, loves to laugh, loves to make us laugh, loves everything there is to love about trains, tells us every time "I heard the train", loves to play with his trains but equally loves to get mad when the trains come off the track.  He has a great memory and with his increasing vocabulary is able to tell us so much more.  He still loves to play with my phone, mainly to look at pictures and videos but has adapted well to the new "no toy policy" at the dinner-table.  He does so many wonderful things on a daily basis which reminds me to take a deep breath, focus on all the positive and remind myself that one day he will actually be potty trained, at some point in life it won't take him 55 minutes to eat a corn-dog (and still leave 1/4 of it!), he'll focus & take his socks off by himself, that he'll stop screaming and the few other daily nuisances we work through each day.

No matter what happens during the day, at the end of each day, I find joy in reading and singing to him and I try to remember how fast time gets away from us and take the time to appreciate it, even the not-so-fun times, because it's all a part of life and being a parent and one day, I'll miss these toddler years.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday!

It's hard to believe that you're already three years old!  Daddy and I came in your room this morning to wake you up and we both are just in awwwwww at how cute you are!  Your face lit up when we sang happy birthday and just watching you sit on your bed and open a present was a great way to start the day.  We went over to Grandma/Grampy's and had breakfast, you got to meet your cousin Shannon and her boyfriend Mike, you kept asking about the baby (Kammi), you had fun waking up Dylan and then we were off to the Zoo for the day.  We had pizza and chocolate cake when we got back and you cried when we all sang you happy birthday but you did blow out your candles and after a brief episode of tears, you were happily eating ice-cream, having fun, opening presents and playing with your new gifts.  We are happy that you enjoy opening presents and once we got home and you hopped into bed, we gave you our last present......books, but Thomas the Train books and you just sit there, flipping through the pages and looking at all the pictures.  I say it often but you really are my sunshine, I'm so happy to be your Mommy, my life felt complete the day you were born and I feel truly blessed and fortunate to have you in my life.  As Daddy and I were kissing you goodnight and as I was standing up from your bed, you said in the sweetest voice "thanks".  I love you Aidan.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Relay for Life weekend

This past weekend was a very busy one.  Aidan and I went to the Simi Relay for Life on Sat morning.  Mom, Tim, Aunt Cyndi, Uncle Eric, Brandon and Aunt Linda all came by the event as well.  On Saturday night, Aidan had a sleepover at Grandma/Grampy's house with everyone! 

Yesterday (Sunday) was quite a struggle.  I took Aidan to his friend Shayleigh's 3rd birthday but we had some major misbehaving going on at Mom's, attempting to get ready to leave.  It wasn't fun and it was the first time that I almost didn't take Aidan to a party/function because I was fed up with his behavior.
We went to the party and Aidan played in the jumper and had fun with the other kids.  When I told him it was time to go, well, you can probably guess by now what he did.....yep screamed and then attempted to dart out into the street as we were walking to our car....WHEWWWWW

We went home and Aidan was super excited to see his new train bed all put together and in his room!  Daddy worked all day on removing the crib and assembling Aidan's new Thomas the Train bed.  And...thanks to Aunt Cyndi, Uncle Eric and Brandon's early b-day present, Aidan has the matching bedding which looks so cute!
We went over to Grandma/Grampy's to eat some burgers with Aunt Linda.  After dinner (and ice-cream), we headed home for bathime which turned out....not so fun.  For some reason, Aidan no longer wants me to wash him and had a complete meltdown.  Not fun, not fun at all.  We bypassed playing, read some books and Aidan layed down in his new bed like a champ.  We kissed him goodnight and then the crying began and lasted 20 minutes but he fell asleep, stayed and slept in his new bed all night! 

This morning, Aidan sat on his potty for 15 minutes and pooped in the potty for the very first time.  Of course I rewarded him with a bunch of stickers! 

I'm truly struggling as we work through his "naughty side".  I know that I am no different than all the other moms out there but honestly, how can you NOT take it personally when your own child is acting so badly.  I went to bed last night completely wore out, wondering if my little boy would stay in his new bed, thinking about this new stage, feeling zero regrets for moving the crib out but taking a moment to accept the tiny bit of sadness I feel as a Mom because my baby is no longer a baby but feeling a great sense of pride because he is growing up and doing big boy things.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Aunt Linda is coming...yippee

My Aunt Linda is flying to see me tomorrow!  I cannot wait!  Have a safe flight Auntie and I'll see you tomorrow....I get to have a sleepover with you!

Mommy took the day off today so we spent the day together doing errands.  Our morning started off great but then I got all "toddler" and didn't want to eat breakfast but I did eat, very well, but I kept getting all upset about everything.  Mommy was being very patient with me but we didn't even leave the house until after 11AM.  Mommy took me a lot of places because we were getting errands done for my bday.  I picked chocolate and strawberry for my cupcakes/cake!  I was very good at all the stores for Mommy and she told me so. 

When I woke up from my nap, my new Thomas bed had been delivered.  Mommy and Daddy showed me the pictures on the Internet and asked me if I was ready for a big boy Thomas the Train bed which I could barely answer because my beautiful eyes were so big with excitement....uh YEAH I WANT A THOMAS THE TRAIN BED....sometimes, geesh, parents....I love TRAINS, OF COURSE I WANT A TRAIN BED!!!!

Well....I have to go night night......I'm going with Mommy to her big "relay".... and I get to see Brandon, Aunt Cyndi, Uncle Eric (I keep telling my Mommy that I want to ride in your truck), Mamo, Grampy and AUNT LINDA......YIPPEE!

3rd Year Portraits

Last Saturday, Mom and I took Aidan to get his pictures taken at JCPenney.  Aidan took his trains, posed, smiled and did so great!  This year, I had a list, had a goal to NOT spend an hour deciding on pics, so we got pictures ordered and were riding the escalators for enjoyment, all within an hour from our appointment.  After we left the T.O. Mall, we headed for the Simi Mall, where Grandma, Aidan and I rode the train, rode some more escalators, rode the $.75 motorcycle ride and then had some lunch.  I love days like that.  Being able to have fun and spend time, low key, as well as doing with it my Mom, is great.  I can still hear Aidan laughing from the backseat, Grandma makes him laugh the entire drive from Thousand Oaks to Simi.  Aidan just adores his grandma and I'm sure it's nice for her on days like this to "just be the grandma".  She spends most days not only being a grandma but being the babysitter and all of know that taking care of a toddler is not easy and you have to scold, give timeouts, etc.  So.....I'm certain that "Mamo" loves to sit back, have fun and not worry about being the "enforcer" ha ha ha

Papa and "andma" Lori

Two Wednedays ago was our last Gymboree class.  As we drove past the freeway onramps, Aidan said "I go see Papa and andma Ori".  He is such a smart boy...he knew exactly where we get on the freeway to go see Papa and Grandma.  So two weekends ago, we sent to see Papa, who is recovering from surgery, and Grandma.  Aidan loves to spend time at their house.  They have a motorcycle there for Aidan to play outside on.  Grandma and Papa read Aidan's Thomas book that he insisted on taking.  He knew bright and early Saturday morning that he wanted Grandma & Papa to read to him.  We got hoagies for lunch, Grandma played baseball as Aidan calls it and just had a really great time with his grandparents.

Baby Bus

Grampy bought me a car seat for his van and now I get to go places in the "baby bus".  Grampy takes me out to lunch, to ride the train at the mall, to many different grocery stores, etc.  I love to ride the escalator and Grampy takes me to the mall, lets me walk around and go up and down the escalators.  Grandpa's are really great, they are not as strict as Mommy and Daddy's and my Grampy is the best!  I love to get out and go go go, and you know what???? so does my Grampy!!!  Mommy tells me that since she was a teenager, Grampy always wanted to "go for a drive".  WELL....I love to go for rides and Grampy loves to take me!  YEAH!

Uncle Jeff

Uncle Jeff flew from his wedding in Poland to Seatlle, picked up his truck that he had shipped from Alaska and drove to see me!  Yeah!  As soon as Uncle Jeff's truck pulled up, I went and gave him a kiss and then we went to lunch at McDonalds and then ran to Target because Uncle needed a few things.  We went to Red Robin that night for dinner and Uncle got to meet my friends Caitlan, Courtney, Scott and Jen.  The next day, Daddy and Uncle Jeff spent the entire day taking me to the Santa Barbara Zoo!  Uncle rode the train with me and we had a lot of fun!  That night we went over to Mamo and Grampy's house for pizza because they wanted to see my Uncle Jeff.  Even though Uncle already left to go to his new house in Phoenix, I still ask about my Uncle Jeff.

11 day vacation with my Mamo & Grampy

Mommy and Daddy went to Paris/Poland for eleven days so I got to vacation at Mamo and Grampy's house for eleven days.  I had so much fun.  We did a lot of fun things.....we went out to breakfast, to The Farm, to the mall to get a jamba juice, ride the train and see the fish and to the Chuckster with Aunt Cyndi, Uncle Eric and Brandon as well.  I got to eat lots of ice-cream, stay up late and just have fun with my Grandma and Grampy.  Thank you Mamo and Grampy for taking good care of me and letting me stay with you.  I love you.