Monday, November 21, 2011

Papa's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Papa!  I hope you had a great birthday, I had fun coming to see you and Grandma.  It rained all day but I like getting out plus Mommy sings me the "It's raining, it's pouring song" the entire drive to your I really liked going to eat at the pizza place and keep telling everyone how big that fan was above us.  Thanks for letting me blow out your candles and make a mess eating your carrot cake.  I like coming over to your house and getting all kinds of snacks and love driving my trains around your table but I love you even more.

Mommy says you have the best, most youthful smile and that when I'm driving my trains around the table, you are always smiling at me and that when you chuckle at something funny I'm doing that your inner kid comes out!


Aidan tried out a gymnastics class for the first time back the first Saturday of November.  The session was 45 minutes long for three Saturdays in total.  This past Saturday was his last class and after three classes I have to say that Aidan really liked it and was pretty good at it.  He had the best instructor, Ryan, but unfortunately is moving back to Connecticut so I'll try and find another class for Aidan.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Aidan loved trick or treating this year!  Mom, Aunt Linda, Tim and I walked with Aidan while Grampy passed out candy at home.  Aidan did it all, carried his candy pail, knocked on the doors, said trick or treat and thank you and then would say "more house" or more "trick or treat".  He went in a scary haunted house with Daddy and didn't cry.  We had so much fun going with him.  It's great being able to see your kids face light up because he's having such fun.  Aidan trick and treated for about an hour and a half and then dumped out his candy and  enjoyed sitting watching tv and eating it!  We sang happy birthday to Aunt Linda and Aidan got to help blow out the candle! 

Aidan stayed up pretty late, I think it was about 9:30 when we got home but worth it!

Happy Halloween from the world's cutest train engineer!