Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's not always easy to find the time or the right words, for me, what comes to mind is amazing.  Aidan, you are amazing!  You are changing so quickly, you are growing, learning at a rapid pace.  There are a million things I love and adore about you but what I would like to share is this: night last week.......
We managed to get through step 1). wash your hands for dinner, 2.) eat the main entry at dinner, 3) eat your corn which seems to take 25 minutes to eat 20 kernels of corn, 4). get you upstairs, 5). get you to undress yourself, 6). use the potty, 7). bath (without soaking me or the entire bathroom), 8.) brush your teeth......yep those are the challenging parts of the night and when it's all said and done, Daddy and I are pretty tired.  So we both read to you and you're all cozy and tucked in to bed and then you get out of put you back to bed, tuck you in (again) and as I'm walking out of your room, I step on one of your toys, hurting my foot and I say ouch as I simultaneously close Aidan's bedroom door but then I stop because I hear that precious little voice say "are you ok Mommy?"

I walked back in his room, gave him about five more kisses and said, "Aidan, you're the sweetest boy and I love you so much".  To which he replied "I love you too Mommy".  I know I know.....I'm a big ole sap but as I sit at the end of the day, like I always do, contemplating how I can be a better mommy the next day, I realized, my little boy is learning kindness and that makes me a very happy Mommy.

He's not potty trained yet but we're making progess.  What at Christmas time caused serious headaches, is now an everyday routine.  That's how fast he changes, adapts, learns, matures......just at Christmas time, less than 2 months ago, we were facing some very difficult struggles in our daily routines with Aidan.  Asking him to go wash his hands before dinner would result in 1). screaming by Aidan, followed by 2). timeout given.....followed by 3). battling at dinnertime because all our nerves were rattled.  Fast forward a month later....followed to our current date and much of that is a distant memory.  Every once in a while, we will see that little crazy pants come out but Aidan goes and washes his hands, eats dinner (although funny enough, saying "corn....again"  cracked Tim and I up) and then gets down to play.  We love having dinner together because it's so much easier and pleasant when your three year old cooperates.  It really does prove that being consistent, being patient during the tough times and showing your child love even when he's a crazy pants (when it's the most difficult), will pay off.

I try to help him grow and be more independent by giving him as many choices as I can....what shirt do you want to wear, applesauce, yogurt or train toast before preschool, milk or juice, milk or water, grilled cheese or chicken, blue or white wash cloth for bath, monster truck or thomas pjs....well you get the idea.   I want Aidan to know that his opionion matters, I want him to be a strong minded toddler, kid, teen, adult who makes good decisions and I believe if we give him every chance to make his own (good) decisions this will mold his self esteem and he'll be alright!!!!

Enough philosophy for one night....getting a little ahead of myself...but hey, life moves quickly. Stop...enjoy....admit diffuculties, move on and take each day as a new day.  All I really do know is that my life is truly awesome and blessed because Aidan is in it.


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